6 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Music

Children are like sponges, soaking up everything around them at a rapid pace. With the right encouragement, you can create an environment where your child learns the power of music.

However, it all begins with initial interest. This might be your child picking up a guitar or making their own beat with sticks.

No matter how this curiosity about music manifests, here are six ways to encourage your child to pursue learning an instrument.

Model the Way

One of the best things you can do is simply indulge and make music with your child.

You do not have to be talented or adept at an instrument to join them in a jam session.

Rather, help instill the importance of music by singing along to songs or introducing them to various instruments.

Learn an Instrument

Perhaps you have an unexplored interest in music and have eyed different instruments over the years.

Your child is a great reason to pick up that instrument and learn.

You can model the way by demonstrating the hard work and joy that goes into learning an instrument.

Many instruments have kid-friendly versionsm so you can learn alongside one another.

You can choose drums at at DCP together or even enroll in the same vocal lesson class.

Go to Music Events

You don’t need to go to endless concerts to open your kids up to the world of music. Just look for local events and see how many family-friendly, free musical opportunities exist.

Summer is a great time for orchestra concerts or outdoor band shows. You can make a day of it with a picnic or night under the stars!

These events are a great way to widen your child’s worldview on different types of music. They can go from hip-hop to classical music in the space of a week.

Be Engaged

Your child should feel encouragement and support as they learn about music. Be engaged in this process by asking questions and taking the time to listen.

 As they learn instruments, let them put on a concert for you. It might not be the best music you have ever heard, but the memory of your support will stay with them for a long time.

If you can afford it, consider private music lessons.

Offer Praise

Over time, your child will pour a lot of practice and work into their musical passion. Most instruments, like the violin or the voice, take years to master.

There are bound to be bad days and tough spots to overcome in the learning process.

Children often want immediate gratification, so praise and continuous support is essential.

Your praise will show you value their hard work, even on the bad days. This can help encourage their commitment to the budding craft.

Stress Long-Term Rewards

At some point, the shiny newness of music and learning an instrument will wear off. It can be tempting for your child to give up.

This is where you have to step in and help them decide what to do. In some cases, your child may truly need to quit. In most cases, they just need a little push to get through a rough patch.

Help your child understand the long-term consequences of quitting.

One of the favorable consequences of musical interest is developing the skill of persistence. This is something they can learn only if they decide not to quit.

Support Early Interest Now

Many people think learning an instrument will start in high school. Elementary school music teachers can spark an interest in music that can be cultivated.

Often elementary level music will happen in group settings with the entire class taking part. Individual education comes later in high school band.

Don’t wait! If you notice your child taking a huge interest in music, support their interest now!

You never know if they’ll still want to pursue music later.

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