20+ Ideas For Wall Decor Above Couch (We Love #12)

The devil is in the details! You have heard this, haven’t you?

This specially applies to wall decor above the couch.

When it comes to designing the interior in the home we are mainly focused on the big picture.

How and where to place the furniture, how to use lights, choose textile patterns and textures. When you finally solve the main puzzle you are realizing that something is missing.

When you enter the room and your eyes are drawn to the empty spot just about the couch.

If you are not sure how to fill this prominent space to make it personal and yet stylish, we have collected over 20+ ideas to get you inspired and help with the planning.

PS – #12 is fantastic, isn’t it?


A great idea if you need to make your space look a little bit bigger or wider.

Simple and classy it will fit in any interior with no extra colours and volume to the walls.

There are many mirror styles that fit your personal style and make your place fancy and chic.

2Pairs Of Frames

Hanging arts and pictures on the wall can be a little tricky if you don’t have your layout planned.

You need to measure and consider the other elements of the room to make sure the display doesn’t overpower the room.

Sometimes it is better to experiment to find the right position, placement and size. Like in this idea. The frames are not in the middle of the wall and at the same time perfectly compliment each other and the room.

3Shelving Decor Above The Couch

Great space optimization especially if you live in a flat.

This wall decor above the couch is probably the most useful and easy to do. There are variations in the shelve styles and colours.

You are also free to add more decoration in the room like books, family pictures, flower pots and even arts.

4One Piece Wall Decor

Having a big one piece of art is the classic way to decor the wall above the couch.

You are solving your empty space problem immediately and you do not need to think about adding smaller pieces of decoration or colours.

5Abstract Art

Who said the wall decoration above your couch must be in a frame?

You can simply craft your own piece and make it looks stylish and expensive.

6Combination Of Shelves And Arts

The big art is a focal point in the room.

Adding a floating shelf underneath with some small texture and color details the room atmosphere is changing in a completely different way.

7Wall Decoration Above The Couch With Colorful Books

A home without books is an empty home.

Give your books collection a leading role in the interior of your home and you will be fascinated by the result.

Definitely your house will have a soul and a lovely atmosphere for your guests.

8Play All In

Regardless of the design, using wall paper or coloured wall has a huge impact.

There are a lot of good quality wallpapers which will give a different feel to your interior. Use stickers and special paint coat for more texture and effects.

9Travel The World

Travel the world while you are sitting on your cosy couch.

A creative idea to decor your wall above the couch. You can get the effect by stickers or 3D elements.

10Shadow Box-Styled Shelves

What is great about this option is the possibility to play with shapes, sizes and colours.

Of course, adding some small items, books and flowers also dress them differently and could change the interior line. It is all about your preferences and current mood.

11Art Gallery Display

So, here we are to #12. Why we like it that much?

You could combine your favorite art pieces and mix them up with your personal photos for the perfect wall decor above the couch.

Play with the frame size, style and colors and get creative.

12A Living Wall Decor Above The Couch

A very modern and trendy wall decor alternative.

You can achieve the vision even in smaller spaces. 3 to 5 honeycomb shelves and some green pots are enough to get a little jungle on your wall.

13Multiple Frames

Similar to the art gallery pieces, decoration with multiple frames is a creative way to emphasize your own style and give a spirit to your home.

It is important that it reflects the overall aesthetic of the room.

14Symmetrical Collection

For the perfectionists symetricity is the only possible way to optimize their living space, clothes in the closets and of course all decoration they have at home.

15String Lights

There is something magical in the string lights.

Maybe because of the Christmas association or simply because they just bring some cozy mood. You can make them even more special as adding them clips with your photos.

16Wall Panelling

Having wall panels in your home is a great advantage.

It ads texture interest to the wall right away, so if you want to dress the space above couch, you don’t need to do too much.

17Pop Of Colour

Bright colours bring positive emotions and joyful atmosphere.

Be brave and experiment with some bold decisions in your interior.

18Mural Wall Decor Above The Couch

Make a statement with this type of wall decor. The entire wall will be cover according to your personal desires.

Animals or flowers, exotic beaches or abstract lines and shapes. It is all about your style.

19Boho Wall Decor Above Couch

An elegant way to add an accent to the dark palete wall and to keep it splendit.

20Clean And Simple

Sophisticated and adaptable vision in each interior style.

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