How To Grow An Avocado – A Foolproof Guide

How to grow an avocado at home?

What you need to know before you start?

This foolproof guide will explain everything from the seed extraction to your first avocado harvest, so next time you prepare guacamole or other meal including avocado you can use your own harvest.

There is no doubt that the avocado is the go to food choice for healthy eating. Many restaurants all over the world specialize in serving meals prepared with avocado only. No matter if you add it in delicious main courses, smoothies or deserts this thing is a superfood.

Incredibly nutritious, it contains around 20 different vitamins and minerals. Studies show that avocado have positive impact on cholesterol and blood triglycerides.

Besides all the benefits, the avocado is irresistibly delicious and tasty. If you want to keep a healthy diet you definitely must include this superfood in your meal plan.

Let’s go back to the process of growing an avocado at home.

Here is how to start:

Plant the Avocado Seed

  • After you have extracted the seed, you need to rinse with water and let it to dry out
  • Fill a jar with water up to the brink.
  • If you like to make the growing process more special, there are many special containers in the avocado shape
  • Define which end is up and which is bottom- sometimes is a little bit confusing because some avocado pits are too round and wide.
  • Remember, the bottom side will grow the roots. Logically, from the upper side, the sprout starts growing
  • After you marked roots side and the sprout side, it comes the piercing moment. Sticks 3 or 4 toothpicks in a slight angle
  • Place the bottom side of the pit into the water and the toothpicks will act as its very own scaffolding .
  • Leave the jar with the seed next to a window and make sure it has enough water (check regularly)
  • In 2- 8 weeks, you should see a little sprout and tiny roots

Plant in a Pot


Make sure your avocado sprout is at least 6-7 inches long before you transfer it to a soil pot.

Use a up to 10 diameter pot and add humus soil. It is important to know to leave the top half of the avocado seed exposed.

The avocado tree will be happiest if you place it next to a sunny window.

Watering Your Avocado Tree

Too much water is dangerous for your little tree.

If you notice the leaves get yellow it means you are adding too much water. Leave the soil to dry out for a few days.

The soil must be moist but not soggy.

Encourage Growth

To encourage new leave growth it is good to get pinch out a top leaf in every 6 inches tall.

In this way, you will encourage the tree to grow faster and wider.

Keep It Clean From The Bugs

If you noticed bugs on your tree immediately start treatment.

As a start you can simply wash all the leaves and remove the bugs away. The simplest way to keep them away is to make soap water and spray it regularly.

Be Aware of Cold Temperatures

The avocado tree loves to be on a warm and sunny place.

Don’t leave it outside or in a place where you get a draft.

Picking Avocados?

Most of the home avocado trees never give avocado fruits, but they do look super cute.

You need to grow several trees, preferably outside to the help with pollination, to increase your chances for the very first avocado harvest.

Have You Had Success Growing Avocado at Home?

Leave us a comment here and tips for the readers on what you found useful!

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