Sparkling Holiday Magic | 25 Ideas for Christmas Decor Using Ornaments

It is that time of the year again when the world goes on a holiday mode and there is nothing that brings cheer like the holiday decorations, especially the Christmas ones.

Realistically, ornaments are such an essential part of holiday decor and the tree is just the focal point that gives body to the ornaments.

As basic beads to more intricate pieces made by hand, there are countless ways that ornaments may be used to give some sparkle.

Decorations are not only limited to the tree at Christmas but for the entire house.

Looking forward to having a Christmas housewarming or just ready to rejig the holy ornaments?

It might sound cliche but let us explore a sparkle of dreams and ensure that it is the most magical Christmas for you!

Beautiful Ideas for Christmas Decor Using Ornaments

1. Classic Christmas Tree

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Christmas Tree


2. Ornaments in the Air!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Floating Tree


3. Welcoming Splendor

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Door


4. A Symphony of Ornaments and Ribbons

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Presents


5. Add a Holiday Touch to Your Plants

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Plant


6. Ho-Ho-Hold Your Curtains with Festive Flair!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Curtain Holder


7. Glistening Elegance

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments


8. Outdoor Christmas Decor Using Ornaments

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Lamp


9. Snowman Wreath Brings Holiday Joy!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Snowman


10. Deck the Halls with Candlelight Sparkle!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments  Candlesticks


11. Christmas Sparks

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments  Fireplace


12. Joyful Jingle Bites A Festive Table Set for Delight!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Dining Table


13. Giant Ornaments Overflow with Holiday Magic

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Outdoor


14. Festive Frames

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Window


15. Enchanting Glow!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Glowing Stars


16. Neutral Elegance

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Neutral Colors


17. DIY. From Fragments to Festive

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments DIY Broken Ornaments


18. Season’s Greetings at Your Doorstep

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Front Door


19. DIY Vintage Ornament Wall Tree

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Wall Tree


20. Deck the Shelves!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Bookshelf


21. Creative Christmas Tree of Treasures

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Tree


22. Sparkling Christmas Wreath

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments  Wreath


23. Festive Stairway

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Stairs


24. Elegant Holiday Charm

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments Vase


25. DIY Delight. Sip and Sparkle!

Christmas Decor Using Ornaments DIY Wine Glass


Ornament-Laden Christmas Tree

To begin, there is the necessity to say about the most traditional symbol connected with Christmas – the Christmas tree.

Among other things, height, color and density of foliage are important to arrange for differences and symmetry.

Do not arrange ornaments of a specific size, color, or shape next to each other, instead arrange them randomly for more jolly look.

  • Classic Elegance: Choose an opulent color combination like red/gold or silver/blue for your design. Studs, tiny lights, and a hint of glamour provides the look of classic elegance.
  • Rustic Charm: Collect wooden decorative pieces, burlap bows or anything that are maybe rural-inspired such as pinecones and berries. That saves a lot of space and gives a coziness associated with forest arrangements which is fitting for a rustic Christmas theme.
  • Whimsical Wonderland: Use something neon! Pink, turquoise or even lime green. You can also use cute figures of animals, sweets and twinkling star shapes for that unique look for the tree.

Ornament Centerpieces

Why not put up ornaments everywhere especially when the concept of limited space is non-existent here?

Design elegant beauties for your holiday centerpiece or as mantel decorations .

  • Glass Bowl Display: Filling clear glass bowls or vases with an assortment of ornaments provide a good contrast of the two different materials. Try together different textures and sensations – high, smooth, bright and glistening. It is just kind of cute so you can add some fairy lights to make them sparkle even more.
  • Ornament Trees: Choose a miniature, round, top-bottom tree or a tree-sculptured base. Place ornaments around branches and keep some pieces of greenery for an accurate festive atmosphere.
  • Ornament Wreath: Decorate the door using a wreath made of ornaments which may be DIY or purchased from stores. Display it near the mantel, fireplace or the front door to join your other holiday decorations to immediately greet visitors.

Festive Garlands

Why garlands you ask?

For starters, garland is a great way to incorporate holiday spirit throughout your house.

The ornaments must be designed to complement this color and bring more sparkling especially when the building is at night.

  • Staircase Garland: Tie a string of green leaves around the railing of your stairs. Specifically, the region that sits right next to the balustrade. Hanging toys at certain intervals are fine and the addition of some ribbon or fairy lights give the room a rather magical ambiance.
  • Mantel Garland: Created a garland that can be placed at the center of the mantel and then hanging other ones from it using a ribbon or even a simple string. Coordinating the ornaments appropriately with the tree will produce a coherency in the look of the tree.
  • Window Garland: Hang a garland on your window and either staple or tie ornaments to it. Hear the music, feel the lyrics, and let the memories flow. The ornaments will reflect light and become a source of great beauty that equally is visible from within and from the exterior realm.

Personalized Christmas Decor Using Ornaments

More than any other main products, personalized ornaments are highly useful in enhancing the holiday decor and are also best for giving out as gifts.

  • Photo Ornaments: To make a set of sophisticated and elegant customized photo ornaments, make sure to use bright and clear ones. Place a small photograph inside or you could even add some tinsel or fake snow for a snowy feeling.
  • Name Ornaments: Buy or create items, such as figurines, vases, or other gifts with the names of the family members inscribed. These can be utilized to tag your stockings or to adorn your tree and spare some to use them as name plates during the holiday dinner.
  • DIY Creations: Craft your own ornaments at home. Bring out the artist within you by making your very own ornaments. Many families like fingerprint art that can be made and decorated with clay, paint and other tools, producing limitless designs that your family would like.

Outdoor Ornament Decor

Finally, be sure to not let that holiday spirit stay confined within homes. You can use ornaments to complement the beautify entrance to your home, your outdoor greenery or even the trees in your ward.

  • Front Door Display: Encase your entry area with woven or knitted festive curtains and make sure that you hang an oversized ornament wreath or garland on your front door. Light up the corner with some lamps and to round off the decoration, how about a cheerful doormat?
  • Garden Ornaments: Place weather shaped Ornaments on the trees as well as other plants in your yard. When selecting materials for the garden, remember that some parts will be wet or exposed to harsh weather, think about solar powered lights for a touch of glamour.
  • Porch Planters: Tote up the greenery to exterior planters and incorporate big and bright accent pieces. It is indeed a great way of making a statement and adding a little chrimble magic to the porch or patio.

Themed Ornaments

Selecting a theme for the ornaments can help you connect all the elements making your house look great during the holiday.

  • Vintage Charm: Seek for old decorations in traditional stores, outlets, garage sales, and second-hand shops. Antique type of ornaments are other excellent idea that can provide the Christmas tree with the necessary atmosphere and charm.
  • Nature-Inspired: Avoid the use of synthetic ornaments and make those from natural sources like wood, glass and fabric. You can incorporate feathers, leaves or acorns to make the scene look more natural.
  • Global Traditions: Integrate items of ornaments from different cultures and countries. It can also be a way of always remembering the different holidays and people celebrating during this season and incorporating a little worldwide appeal to your beautification.

Ornament Advent Calendar

Put together an advent calendar with ornaments. Simply, select one ornament per day to be placed on the tree or at an appropriate place around the house. 

It’s enjoyable to have a countdown to Christmas and these tips will help increase the anticipation for the ultimate event.


Ornament is not limited to the tree sparkle, it could be a unique and stunning object that brings the atmosphere of good-hearted festivities.

From trees filled with elegance to centerpieces drenched with sparkling lights from every angle, from engraved or photo printed souvenirs to neatly arranged stands outside, there is no limit to it.

So bring out your ornaments and make your home sparkle and shine this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

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