6 Best Citation Apps and Tools Every Student Should Know About

Citing sources while writing an essay is one of the best things you can do to make the content appear authentic and impressive.

When you cite different sources, you walk your professor through the labyrinth of research work you have done. The absence of citation can make your teachers suspicious and lead to poor grades. 

At the same time, we understand that citation is indeed time-consuming and complex work. Even when you opt for essay writing help online, knowing the drill yourself is essential. 

If you are wondering whether any app or tools can help you cite sources, then this article is for you. We discuss the best citation apps and tools to help save your precious time. Read on to learn more!

6 Best Citation Apps and Tools Every Student Should Know About

The Importance of Citing

Before we proceed and learn about the various apps that make the citation work easier, let us first understand the significance of this step in essay writing.

Unless you ask your friends to Domyessay, once you understand the purpose of the citation, you are more likely to put in genuine efforts. 

  • Acknowledging the Efforts of Others. You take help from multiple sources – blogs, videos, podcasts, research papers, etc., while researching for a dissertation. Imagine the hard work that has gone into preparing all these contents. Other people’s research is helping you write your paper. Citing sources is necessary to acknowledge their efforts.
  • Making Your Dissertation Credible Enough. When you provide citations, you technically declare that you have worked hard and written the essay all by yourself. Genuine citations prove that you are completely aware of the subject matter of the essay.
  • Easing Down Future Research Work. Dissertations are not just a one-time assignment. If you are serious about your academics, you must keep working hard on all your essay papers. They are going to help you in your future research work. When you cite sources, you create a sort of index that will keep all your research results organized.
  • Maintaining Academic Integrity. Not creating a bibliography can affect your academic integrity. The scholarly community expects you to give due credit to these researchers. Also, as per the academic guidelines in most institutions, it is mandatory to cite sources for essay papers. 

Write Bibliographies Easily With These Apps and Tools


If you are looking for a swift citation tool for different web articles, then Citeshare has to be your go-to option. All you need to do is to download the extension for your browser.

Now you select texts or sections and click on the extension, and your citation is ready. You can easily copy these citations and paste them onto other editors.

Citeshare is true to its name and assists in the quick citation and sharing of online articles.


Want a value-bomb citation tool for creating bibliographies in multiple styles? Citationsy can help you out! Simply paste the link, and the tool will help you with all the details related to citation.

You get the option to archive and preserve the links that you have cited already. Also, the tool allows you to download the archived links in different formats such as CSL, MS Word, and so on.


iSource is an iOS app that helps you format your bibliography. It offers in-text citations and allows you to save each of these formatted entries in one place.

You can revisit them for further research work. Using the app is quite easy. 

You need to enter details like a web address or the name of the author, and the app will do the rest for you. You can then save the citations in the app or copy them to use in your dissertation. Remember that iSource supports only the MLA format.


This open-source bibliography reference manager is suitable for macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of bibliography and in-text citations.

JabRef allows students to search and download from different heavy-duty sources, such as Google Scholar, Springer, IEEEXplore, GVK, and Medline. You should have a Firefox add-on to import citation details from the web. 


This app comes with an appealing interface. It is basically a citation app sans the element of boredom. Besides, it makes the citation process insanely fast.

The tool comes with both options – a manual and an automatic citation wizard. Of course, the majority of the students prefer to use the latter. This tool claims to create bibliography entries within just 11 seconds. 

Formatically is compatible with Chicago, MLA, Harvard, and APA style citations for websites, video, audio, books, dictionaries, etc. 


Who knew your iPhone would help you one day in writing bibliographies? MyBib is an iOS app for hassle-free citation of sources. The app is extremely easy to use.

It requires you to enter an ISBN, and the rest of the details like author, title, and publisher get added automatically. The app allows you to export the citations in text format on your MacBook. 

Wrapping Up

Writing the perfect bibliography can earn you some brownie points as your teacher would know that you have actually put in your time and efforts in writing the essay.

So, next time you write an essay for your school or college assignment, make the most out of modern technology and use these apps and tools to avoid headaches and confusion.

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