The Most Effective Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy & Clean All the Time

Dreaming of a house without any mess and constant clutter accumulating on your shelf? Are you tired of the never-ending list of home chores that you never seem to get to the bottom of?

With a bit of planning and some household hacks, you can get on top of your home mess in just a few hours.

Below we compiled some of the tested and prove strategies to keep your home clean at all times by adopting some simple changes that will make a massive difference in the long run.

Don’t forget about the kitchen sink

The kitchen is the center of every house. So, it’s always best to start from here. Clean your dirty dish every time instead of filling your sink.


Clean your bins regularly

Bin cleaning will maintain hygiene, remove odor, and prevent the spread of disease and bacteria and the migration of vermin to your garbage container.

No one should litter

Litter is dirty and spoils our environment. It wastes our natural resources. Some animals are attracted to areas with lots of litter.

Rooms should be well organized

Keep the drawers tidy, store items under the bed, maintain your wardrobe and keep a clean vanity.

Bathrooms should be dry

Keeping a clean bathroom means wiping its floor and tiles daily with some bacteria-killing solutions. Clean the tub and shower, Mop the floor with either a manual or electric mop, and disinfect the toilet.

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Clean as you go

It’s about keeping the work area clean and tidy all time while working. This may include cleaning up spills, removing waste to bins, and management of the tools.

Remove/Repair on time (Regular Maintenance)

Check all the plumbing for leaks, check grout in bathrooms/kitchen if needed. Check and clean dryer vent, other exhaust fans. Grease the items/ machines from time to time as needed.

Segregate solid/liquid waste

We must segregate paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, and glass as it’s better for people and the environment.

Refrigerator cleaning

It is important to regularly clean your fridge, or at least give it a wipe down. It is important to prevent the spread of bacteria and to keep food safe.


Do One Load of Laundry Per Day

Try to get in the habit of putting in one load of laundry first thing in the morning.

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Get the whole family involved

It is often actually easier to just do the job yourself, but spending the time to teach your children to do age-appropriate jobs will be better in the long run.

Keep basic cleaning supplies close to where you use them

This makes it so much quicker and easier and will take only a minute or two, And it will really reduce how often you need to do a top to bottom clean.

Organize your shoe rack

Always keep your shoes off the floor and use clear shoe boxes with lids.

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Caring for Marble

For routine cleaning, sponge marble with warm water and a mild detergent, Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. It will give a new look and feel to that specific area.

Removing Pet Hair

As much as you love your puppy, cleaning up after pets is probably one of the biggest issues you face in keeping a neat home. So, day to day basis we should definitely take care of these things.

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