College Essay Writing Help: 7 Tips to Help your Kids with their Essay Work

Writing is one of the most important skills students need to have. However, this is not valid only for students or pupils.

Writing skills are essential to anyone and they can prove to be beneficial in almost any situation. You will need writing skills during your college years, it’s true.

But it will surely help you in your future career too. Besides, when you work on improving your writing skills, you do not develop only them.

You improve your communication, logic, and strategic thinking. And as a parent, you are surely aware of all these. 

Your kid is studying in college and everyone knows how this is. It comes with nice experiences together with new friends and colleagues. But it comes with responsibilities too.

Students have all types of assignments during their college years. And writing essays, case studies, reports, and so on is one of the most popular tasks. So, how could you help your kid with their essay work when they need college essay help?

7 Tips to Help your Kids with their Essay Work

1. Reading 

You probably know that you cannot improve your writing skills just like that. Writing is important and the more your kid will write, the better their skills will become.

But to foster this development way ahead of time, you could start with something else. 

Encourage your kid to start reading. There isn’t any recommended book genre, they can read anything. Why is reading important and how can it help your kid improve their writing skills?

When you read, you get contact with different ideas. 

You see how phrases are built, and understand the importance of word choice. You see how different writing styles look. Plus, you can learn from some of the best teachers when it comes to writing. 

2. Basic Elements of Writing 

Well, before you start helping your kid with essay writing, you need to make sure they are aware of the basic elements of writing.

Even though you might think that school has taught them how to write, chances are the things are different. 

Few teachers actually aim to help pupils improve their writing skills.

So, making sure your kid knows the rules of writing, at least the basic ones, is one of the first things to start with. Knowing about the structure of a text, the plot, characters, and so on is essential. 

3. The Importance of Outline 

One of the most common mistakes students make during their college years is that they do not write an outline.

Many imagine that essay writing means just starting to write what you think on a subject. While this is the case and one of the steps of the writing process, it is not the one you should actually start with. 

Research is another crucial step and the same goes with outlining.

Outlining is important and you could encourage your kid to do it before writing an essay. You can support them and guide them along the process. 

4. Examples 

Sharing advice and guiding your kids through the challenging waters of writing might not be complete without examples.

You may find it easier to explain some concepts or correct their writing. But to improve their essay writing, they need to see some examples.

Using positive and negative writing examples can help your kid advance tremendously. 

5. Using Graphic Organizers 

Another tip you could teach your kids to use when writing essays is to use graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are especially helpful when you need to write a narrative essay or story.

However, it can easily be adapted to any type of essay. It helps kids visualize the story and develop it even more. It acts as a sort of outline but in a visual form. 

6. Logical, Clear, and Concise 

Wondering how to help your kids deliver powerful essays? Teach them to write in a concise, logical, and clear manner.

Teachers will grade the essay taking this into account too. It is important to know how to express their ideas and thoughts in a way that others will easily understand.

This will help them not only in writing but for verbal communication too. 

7. Revision and Editing 

The last but not least tip is to encourage your kid to save time for editing, proofreading, and revision too. Many students skip this part and they submit an essay full of typos and grammar mistakes.

Even though this is the last step of the writing process, help your kid understand its importance. 

Final Thoughts 

College essay writing poses challenges for any student. It may be the topic, the writing part, or even the research one.

Either way, even though students feel they are not good at writing, it is a skill that can be improved. And you, as a parent, can act as the support and guide your kid needs.

Julie Higgins
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