5 Ways To Help Your Kids Make Essay Writing Fun

Have you ever noticed how your class gets so engaged when you introduce games into your teaching processes? Students get thirsty for knowledge and become competitive.

Since writing is one of the most boring learning activities for most students, using this strategy can help your students become motivated to learn regardless of the type of assignment.

Gamifying writing can help your students become the best researchers and writers. The best part is, you don’t have to put in so much time and effort to gamify kid’s essay writing. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help your students realize their potential.

Ways To Help Your Kids Make Essay Writing Fun

1. Figure Out the Problem

To help kids to write good essays, you need to focus on why they aren’t interested in writing. Most students hate working on their assignments because they are boring.

Also, tutors usually make assignments extremely challenging. This leads to a lack of motivation and poor performance. The process of researching, creating outlines, writing and proofreading take a lot of time and energy.

However, when you turn all these processes into a game, things become less challenging and flexible. For instance, you can organize your students into groups and allow them to research together. Also, have them compete so that they’ll be motivated to get better results.

2. Set Clear Goals

You need to set goals for each game. For instance, if you are gamifying the writing process, you can tell your students to focus on how their characters overcome personal flaws such as laziness or shyness.

After setting a goal, break it into various stages. Keep in mind that every interesting game has levels. For instance, you can set the paragraphs as level.

Every essay writer should contribute a sentence in a paragraph to make the content clear After passing the first level, they can move to the next one.

3. Set the Rules

All games have rules. Without rules, an essay writer can easily get out of hand. You should create a point or grading system for your game.

Your students should know the number of points that they’ll get at each level and use an essay writing service. And how they can earn these points.

Always make the guidelines clear before allowing your students to start.

4. Immediate results are key

Most students have to wait for days or weeks to get a grade or score on their assignments. You want to avoid this at all costs to keep them engaged.

Your game should give results immediately to keep their interest levels high. Ensure that every student understands the grading system.

When learners realize what they need to do to beat their competitors, they’ll have an easy time achieving their goals.

5. Encourage Them to Use Tools

With technology, the gamification process can be simple and easy. There are a lot of essay writing services and tools that you can use or encourage your students to use when working on their assignments.

Some of the best tools that you can use include:

1. Beeminder

Every successful writer uses an essay writing service and makes lists to keep their work organized. You should encourage your learners to use this tool because it gamifies the writing process.

To use Beeminder, you need to set goals and pledge with money that you’ll achieve it. If you fail to achieve your goals, you’ll be encouraged to try.

If you fail another time, you’ll lose your money. It’s a great way to motivate learners who always postpone working on their most important assignments.

2. Habitica

This is a great tool that enables you to create professional and personal goals.

After setting your goals, it gamifies the entire process. You need to seek help from the best essay writing service to develop good habits to beat distraction – the biggest killer of productivity.

When you fail to hit your daily goals, you lose health. And you get rewarded by unlocking new levels when you are productive.

This tool can inspire students to work hard to achieve their most important goals.

3. Goalscape

This is one of the most fun apps to use. It has a visually captivating and clever interface. After setting your goals, they’ll be represented in a huge pie chart.

With the slider, you’ll have an easy time tracking your goals. Therefore, you’ll always have an idea of the progress that you are making and the amount of work that you’ll need to do to complete a particular project. The app helps you become more mindful of the paper writing service tasks that you are working on.

Most people spend a lot of time thinking of the end goal. However, focusing on the present moment makes it easier for us to achieve the end goal. This app is all about living in the present moment.

4. Write or Die 2

This is the best essay writers tool for students. It starts deleting your work whenever you fail to meet your target within a specified period.

The tool has three modes namely Consequence, Reward, and Stimulus. For consequence mode, you’ll get punished with ugly spiders, loud alarm clocks, and other less intriguing things when you fail to achieve your goals. Stimulus mode helps you become focused and productive.

Finally, Reward mode rewards you for seeking essay help and working hard.

As you have seen, there are lots of ways to gamify kids’ essay writing. Which tip are you going to start using today to realize this goal?

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