5 Cottage-core Interior Design Ideas You Can Easily Implement

Although it has only recently been given a name, cottage-core has been around for a long time. There have always been people who appreciate the simpler, sweeter aspects of life, such as listening to birdsong or enjoying a morning breeze.

Cottage-core is a design style that tries to capture this unique sensation and inspire it within interior spaces. These five design ideas will help you create a cottage-core home for yourself.

Cottage-core Interior Design Ideas

1. Be Generous with Patterns

There are several patterns that perfectly encapsulate the gentle and welcoming mood that cottage-core intends to evoke.

Ditsy florals, pastel ginghams, and neutral stripes all make for ideal cottage-core patterns. Try matching a gingham with hues from a floral pattern to create a layered yet cohesive look.

Think about how your curtains can complement your cushions and other soft furnishings if you want your space to feel put-together and thoughtful.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Useful Clutter

Some interior design styles care more about clean lines and pared-back spaces. Cottage-core is less concerned about ruthless tidiness and more about practicality and comfort.

If it is more efficient to keep your kitchen tools on the counter, find a cute jug to hold them and make them a decorative element. Useful and appealing clutter like this adds up to create a strong impression of a loved and lived-in home.

3. Buy Secondhand

Vintage and antique home furnishings are perfect for anyone hoping to create a cottage-core look in their own home. Be discerning about how well-made each piece is before parting with your hard-earned money.

It is easy to be lured in by a bargain only to discover that your new purchase isn’t functional. Despite this, secondhand pieces instantly add a level of charm and character to a space.

4. Use Natural Materials

Organic materials such as wood and stone are found in every cottage-core room, so consider finding ways to include them. Making a change like this to your home will be an instant transformation.

For example, installing a stone floor can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your space. You can click here for natural flooring inspiration.

Not only does this type of interior upgrade look fantastic, but it is also more durable than many other kinds of flooring. Using natural materials in this way creates a stronger sense that your home has been designed carefully from beginning to end.

5. Decorate with Flora

No cottage-core home would be complete without plenty of sprinklings of plant life throughout every room. This could be something as simple as a sprig of stems in a jar or hand-picked flowers arranged in a vase.

Cottage-core homes are usually adorned with multiple plants and flowers in every available space, such as windowsills, shelves, tables, or wherever else needs some brightening up.

The key to achieving a cottage-core home is to embrace the underlying ethos of comfort, slow-living, and peace.

Strike a balance between decorative and practical elements, and you will soon have a beautiful, comfortable cottage-core home of your own.

Julie Higgins
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