Designer Golf Bags: Swing in Style

If you’re interested in elevating your golf style, an area to upgrade could be your designer golf bags.

If you decide you want to start playing golf, or if you’re already a regular golfer, looking your best on the course doesn’t have to be limited to just apparel.

Accessories are important additions to your golf ensemble.

When you’re choosing your golf bag, considering functionality and utility is a must.

But at the same time it is possible for a bag to be practical and stylish at once.

It is surprising that there are more than five types of golf bags in the market, so it’s confusing when it comes to choosing one.

But of course there is the designer golf bag category where we’re going to go in depth about why you should choose a designer golf bag as well as everything that goes into designer gold bags. 

ghost golf white
Ghost Golf White Golf Bag
ghost golf iron
Ghost Golf Iron Golf Bag

Why Choose a Designer Bag?

Designer golf bags, coming from the name, are high-quality, stylish bags that are made from the finest materials that make you stand out in the course.

But it’s not as common for people to know about these designer golf bags.

The main difference between designer and regular golf bags is that most designer bags are made from expensive materials like leather and are made at fashion houses, and they include many features that aren’t found in regular bags.

It depends on the player, but most of the time designer golf bags are more practical and stand out more than regular golf bags.

Materials and Craftsmanship

When it comes to designer golf bags, like any other designer bag, they are made of the finest, and highest quality materials and they pay extra attention to the craftsmanship.

Some of the most used materials in these golf bags are a combination of premium leather, that’s usually waterproof, like vegetable tanned leather, ostrich leather, tour-grade synthetic leather, naked leather, and python leather.

Other materials used in these golf bags are waxed or treated canvas, and nylon.

You can find the finest craftsmanship in designer golf bags, which make the finish of the bags very sturdy and last you a long time.

Functionality vs. Aesthetics: Finding the Balance

Designer golf bags are truly works of art, and designed to be of the highest quality. But that doesn’t always mean they’re functional and durable.

When you’re looking for one to buy, you have to pay attention to the reviews on it, and if you’re shopping in person focus on the craftsmanship of the bag, like the zippers, stitching, and the materials used.

If you’ve already got a few golf bags and you want to add to your collection, you could sacrifice function for style, so you stand out in the golf course.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t functional designer golf bags.

It all depends on your personal style and decision at the end.

Customization Options

Honestly, one of the best things about designer golf bags is that most brands offer a chance for you to customize your bag.

Some brands that are known for customization are Terrida, Links and Kings, and Caratto, which are luxury golf bag brands.

They offer the ability for you to customize the color of the bag and if you want certain parts of the bag to be a different color, also make an embroidery custom to your needs.

vessel golf bag
Vessel Beige Golf Bag
gfore golf bags
G/Fore Monsoon Golf Bag

Price Range and Investment Value

Of course when it comes to designer golf bags, they are more on the pricey side, so is it worth it?

When you look into the details of the golf bag before buying it, you’d find, as i mentioned, the ability to customize the color, choosing from a variety of colors they offer.

Also, having the ability to add embroidery into the bag, whether it be of your initials or anything you want, adds an extra luxurious touch.

The price range of the designer golf bags is about $300 – $5000 if you’re staying in the safe zone but like $15,000 – $50,000 if you’re getting a rare, timeless bag from brands like Louis Vuitton, Treccani, and Valigeria Grignola.

How to Spot a Knock-off Designer Golf Bag

As any other designer bag, you could find knock-off ones. Whether it be online or in person, you could tell the real from the fake.

The first thing to look out for are the customer reviews of course, and if you’re looking at the bag in person, you could find the flaws in the craftsmanship of the bags, from the finishing, sewing, embroidery, and leather.

Conclusion: Is a Designer Golf Bag for You?

In the end, if you’re looking to have a golf bag that’ll last you a long time, a designer golf bag is the way to go.

You’ll get the opportunity to customize your bag, from the colors to the embroidery, and also stand out the most in the golf course.

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