How to Decorate a Pole Barn Home

Pole barn homes have become increasingly popular throughout Indiana and the Midwest, and for good reason. This timeless style was originally used for barns, many examples of which can still be found throughout the state; their sturdiness is due to their unique construction, which places all the weight of the building on the exterior walls rather than any interior components.

They are also renowned for their quick construction, allowing farmers to set up new sheds in only a few weeks rather than the months of intense labor it would take for other buildings.

As the world has evolved from rural to urban, this hardy building style was leveraged to make residential structures, resulting in the famous pole barn homes that you’ll see throughout Indiana.

They come with all the benefits of their agricultural predecessors, but they have a more significant benefit to those who choose to hire a pole barn home builder: they can create a perfect canvas for all your home decorating dreams!

You can be a trailblazer in the “City of Firsts” by considering these snazzy home decor tips that perfectly complement a pole barn home.

From a living room that pulls you in, to an adorable farmhouse kitchen, using these tricks will let you fall in love with your house all over again every day.

How to Decorate a Pole Barn Home

Lean Into Quaker Style

The Society of Friends, also known as the Quakers, has a rich history in Indiana: they were pivotal to the state’s role in the Underground Railroad, and they helped to mold this region into a place of religious tolerance and social justice.

Quaker style is epitomized by simplicity and neatness, with rich wooden accents and rustic decorations like wicker brooms, handmade quilts, and potted plants. Walls might be white, blue, or red, with oil paintings and floating shelves to hold special nicknacks.

It makes for a nice, clean look that perfectly accents the unique beauty of a pole barn home.

Appreciate Agricultural Roots

Pole barn homes and Indiana farmhouse style are a natural fit: the home style was born from hardworking farmers looking for a way to make sturdy but efficient structures, and Indiana is well known for being part of America’s breadbasket.

You can honor this with whitewashed walls, sturdy cabinetry, and delicate details like embroidered wall hangings or paintings of beautiful fields.

Cozy brocaded cushions and crocheted throw blankets on a sturdy leather couch will go beautifully with rough-hewn end tables, where you can set milk glass lamps for turn-of-the-century style.

A farmhouse sink isn’t just a great part of the decor but also an incredibly handy kitchen installation, while thick slab counters allow you plenty of space for creating a sumptuous, hearty dinner.

A heavy quilt, made to keep you warm during whistling cold winters, will harken back to Indiana’s pioneer heritage, when immigrants moved west to farm the fertile soil of the Midwest.

It’s unnecessary to go full kitsch here: small details, such as porcelain cabinet knobs, will match seamlessly with the natural comfort of a pole barn house without feeling too dated or overbearing.

Choose an Offbeat Beach Vibe

If you’re a fan of the 80s and 90s, you might choose to honor this quirky reference in your bathroom or kitchen, accented in Caribbean yellows and soothing ocean blues.

A sandy brown floormat and nautical decor, such as a life ring or a painting of a tropical island, will delight and surprise visitors, especially if this theme is only in one section of the home. As pole barn homes generally have many wooden elements, you can leverage this with a tiki bar theme, stringing lights along the ceiling and putting up vintage soda signs.

Pole barn homes, with their versatile layouts, are perfect to unleash your inner creativity while honoring Indiana’s history. The possibilities are endless here, especially when you work with their rustic style to make something wholly your own.

Before you know it, you’ll have the most popular place to host friends and family, who will marvel at how you’ve accented such a gorgeous home.

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