DIY Whimsical Wedding Projects that Look Expensive

Weddings are one of the most special days in a couple’s life, and they want everything to be perfect. From the venue to the catering, from the music to the decorations, everything is planned with precision. One way to make your big day memorable and unique is by decorating it with vellum papers.

Vellum paper is a type of paper that has a translucent appearance and gives an elegant look when used in decoration. It is popularly used in crafting invitations, menus, table numbers, and other trendy decor items suitable for weddings.

Here are some DIY wedding decor ideas on how you can incorporate vellum paper into your big day:

DIY Whimsical Wedding Projects that Look Expensive

1. Invitations

When creating invitations using best-quality vellum papers, you can play with layers or add other decorative elements such as flowers or ribbons. For instance, create an invitation card by layering different colours of vellum papers together. Place a white-coloured sheet with printed text and design over another colored translucent sheet.

Another idea could be to use flower-pressed vellums for overlays or belly bands on invitation cards instead of traditional ribbons.

You could also consider making envelope covers out of vellum instead of plain white ones. There is no end to how you can incorporate vellum papers in your wedding decor preparations. 

2. Table Numbers

Using bold digits, either printed or handwritten, on transparent sheets having geometrical designs will leave your guests gushing with elegance, triggered by their seating positions.

Place these numbers atop wooden stands painted gold topped off with greenery or floral rings at each dinner table setting, leaving behind unforgettable moments for everyone present throughout the reception. All this can be done by using vellum papers. 

3. Backdrop

Create elegant backdrops that seamlessly blend into your wedding theme featuring classic prints like polka dots printed using white ink printing technology onto transparent film banners standing five feet high placed vertically down entrances.

This leads guests right into becoming partakers during photo later sessions shedding memories lasting long afterwards.

4. Card Box

Vellum paper can also be used to create a unique card box. Cut out different motifs from vellum paper (ideally the colour or colours that match your wedding theme) and paste them onto the sides of a cardboard or wooden box.

Go for tropical hacks such as glittering palm leaves, all framed with gold, leading into an affair filled with joy and laughter standing apart from traditional dull card boxes creating visual interest every guest will enjoy. 

5. Menu Cards

If you’re considering settling for an apartment-style dinner service, vellum papers offer fantastic options to showcase your menu items in style.

Select prints alongside tinted overlays printed with white ink as menu templates atop luxurious linens trimmed accordingly with bright red ribbons accompanied by metal trays that ensure they endure throughout meal sessions.

Feel free to show off calligraphed table signs displaying mouth-watering meals à la carte indulging guests readily available on transparent glass sheets as well. Consider going clear so everyone can glimpse some delightful servings fairly quickly.

6. Ceremony Programs

Add luxury to your ceremony programs by going full-on transparency mode. Use splashed water brush designs imprinted upon transparent vellums added onto inner pages of booklet edited using calligraphy reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour days, resulting in a cohesive classic look altogether emitting prestigious vibes.

7. Garland

Create a whimsical garland canopy using monochromatic clusters of blossoms adorned by hanging mini crystals twisted onto dainty metallic wires providing a stunning ambience for guests.

In this way, the guests will be awestruck and elated coming up while seated along table rows feeling like royalty.


From invitations to backdrops to garlands, incorporating vellum paper into your wedding day decor adds sophistication and elegance.

Experiment with different colours, textures, and techniques mentioned above that align best with wedding themes carefully curated to reflect bride & groom choices.

Whether you prefer modern simplicity or classic glamour, vellum paper decorations can create detailed accents while leaving your guests impressed and inspired.

Do not hesitate to try out this versatile material’s amazing DIY project capabilities in your wedding decor planning here and there, even after the big day! Cheers to lifelong memories. 

Julie Higgins
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