Doughnuts Everywhere – Why We Go Nuts about Doughnuts!



all about donuts

  1. DONUT PHONE COVER–  iPhone bumper case perfect for a foodie at heart.
  2. DONUT KEYRING – your car keys will look so trendy on these
  3. DONUT INFLATABLE – a pool party is incomplete without a few of these around
  4. DONUT SUNGLASSES – quirky sunglasses are summer must-haves!
  5. DONUT IRON PATCHES –  say goodbye to those nasty tiny holes on your clothes
  6. DONUT SUNGLASSES – a sweet accessory to complete your beach look
  7. DONUT LAPEL PIN – Just the right pop of color your bag needs to stay trendy
  8. DONUT SOCKS – keep your feet warm, fuzzy and sweet looking

The donuts are here and they’re here to stay!

This craze has taken over and it’s plastered all over social media, donuts are here and they are here to stay!

From floaters to cellphone bumpers to purses, colorful donuts have flitted from one style to another. No longer are they a cop’s favorite snack but are now a favorite trend of fashion gurus and icons.

Haven’t seen your fair share of donuts to believe this new fashion trend? We’re about to show you to make you a believer and a lover.

Rocking your donut printed fitness shorts is nothing short of ironic. If you can’t eat them wear them, right? I’d totally wear this to the gym or when I’m out for a run.

Gone are the days for heart-shaped friendship key chains. Those are so yesterday. These cool donut friendship key chains are what you should give your BFF to let people know you’re tight!

See what we mean by inflatable donuts? They’re so colorful and perfect for a summer day’s swim in your backyard pool. A must-have pop of color for your summer profile pic!

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Talk about cute and sexy! Yes to a black bustier top with printed donuts on it!

A photo posted by Nico-chan + LexxyRexxy (@nicoxlexx) on

How about these socks? Aren’t they just too adorable? Keep ’em toes warm and fuzzy! Warning: staring at these socks may induce a midnight donut and coffee craving.

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One of the reasons why fashion is so enjoyable: you can literally wear your food! Can’t get any sweeter than that!

I am so getting a few of these for my daughter! Or maybe just use them for myself? Time to get the cute on!

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Donuts embroidered on keychains are super easy to make especially if you are into cross stitching or just gifted in the DIY area. Either way, these are uber cute!

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The perfect doughnut fashion starter pack: a doughnut tank top, a doughnut round beach blanket and a doughnut back pack!

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Oh yes. They have bummies with donuts on them! Imagine clothing your baby in this super adorable donut bummies?

If you don’t know what bummies are, they are cloth diapers. 😄

A donut a day keeps the doctor away… Or on speed dial in case you get diabetes. I’ll take that risk tho😋🍩

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How about a donut chew toy for your favorite canine friend? He’ll love it for sure!
You’re welcome. 😁

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By far, my top favorite item in this list. Come on, who wouldn’t love a miniature jar filled with miniature donuts for a necklace pendant?

I know I have found perfection already.


And in case you’re about to get your party on, why not make your own donut balloons instead of the usual boring ones? Check out Make&Takes for instruction on your DIY donut balloons!

So don’t ask me why donuts are trending. They just are! Maybe there’s a fashion guru behind it all or a person who just knows how to market the heck out of peculiar styles and the most random items.

Whether there is a genius behind it or it was just a random desire for donuts, this trend is most likely to stick around for quite a while. I mean, if we already love the kind that you eat, why would the decorative ones be less lovable, right?

Well, now that you have a series of IG posts proving this sweet trend, I’m going to go get myself a donut or maybe a box.

Don’t judge me.

This post has been torture to put together. Now, I gotta go satisfy my donut craving!  Got any donut trends you’d like to make viral? Leave us a comment below!


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