15 Weird and Wonderful Things you can do with Placenta

When is the last time you saw your placenta? At birth? Quite natural, same for me. But can you imagine that the remains of your placenta will be sitting in your living room or growing in your garden?

If you thought getting a cute foot print of newborn or a professional photo session was an amazing way to remember the day, I’ve got news for you:

Placenta is THE thing right now.

Not just placenta pills and prints, but many other things you wouldn’t think of in million years. Some practical, some frankly absurd. In the quest to find the best ones, here is my list.

Feel free to get your creative juices flowing and add some more innovative uses you can think of in comments!

Placenta Pills

If you haven’t heard of the benefits of eating placenta after birth, here is a quick recap: Placentophagy, which is the medical term for eating placenta, is claimed to reduce pain after birth, increase energy, help with production of breast milk. Some people believe that it even restores the iron levels in body. Recent medical studies found that these claims have no basis and the reported health benefits are based only on case to case observations of moms.

Placenta acts as a filter to protect the developing baby from toxins and bacteria, that means when you eat it you are also exposing yourself to some residue toxins that might be present. Either way, if you’re willing to give it a try, you can now buy home kits to turn your placenta into these pills and they are pretty affordable too!

placenta pills
source: divinejourney.org

Placenta Fruit Tree

This is definitely from the weird category. Take the tree of life concept to a completely new level – some cultures associate burying placenta under the ground with protecting the health of the mom and baby. I like the idea of having a living monument for the baby to watch and grow, but frankly if you move houses too much, would you dig it up and relocate each time?

placenta tree

Placenta Teddy Bear

Sorry to do this in form of a shock therapy, but I’m quickly moving on to possibly the weirdest one I found. The RedesignDesign Organisation put together an exhibition focused on kids, and as one of the prized art pieces they were displaying this teddy made out of placenta.  It was designed to ‘celebrates the unity of the infant, the mother and the placenta’. Before the placenta is turned into this creation, it must be cut in half and rubbed with sea salt to get it dry. After that it is treated with mixture of tannin and egg yolk to make it easy to bend and shape. I’m not sure what else is left to say – it’s an art, so you either love it or hate it. It’s certainly not something I would cuddle up to.

placenta teddy bear

Placenta Photo Frame

This one is actually very pretty. Created by artist Amanda Cotton, who says: “A Placenta Photo Frame is a functional piece that owes its unparalleled aesthetic and emotional significance to one’s very own placenta organ, retained from childbirth. Formerly a source of vitality for your baby, the placenta can now be reworked by me; researcher and 3D Materials specialist Amanda Cotton, for its inclusion in a decorative keepsake evocative of your pregnancy. Whilst in the womb the placenta takes care of your baby, the idea of the frame is to re-connect this relationship after birth.”

placenta photo frame

Onesies and T-shirts with Placenta Blood

Mom 1: Oh that’s a cool t-shirt, where did you get it from?

Mom 2: That’s just a small print from my placenta, I can make one for little one too if you want?

Mom 1: (face of horror) I think I’m good, thank you.

placenta blood tshirt

Placenta Prints

Probably the most popular way to preserve a memory on the bond between two bodies – having placenta prints is getting increasingly popular. If you choose to go for it, you can do a blood print or use color to make the placenta appear more like a tree.

placenta prints

Placenta Smoothie

If you haven’t had a breakfast yet and there is a spare placenta lying around the house, this one is for you. Seriously, moms who have the stomach for it, I bow in front of you. If you’re interested in the recipe, you can find it at Placenta Remedies Network.

placenta smoothie

Make a Meal

Make a placenta lasagna, chilli or placenta truffles – whichever you choose, the aim is to incorporate as many flavors as you can to disguise the placenta. Some recipes available here.

placenta recipes

Placenta Necklace

Turn your precious placenta into something beautiful – a piece of it gets dried and encapsulated to be used as part of necklace. There are actually a lot of varieties of these placenta necklaces, just prepare yourself for questions about what you’re wearing around you neck.

placenta necklace

Heart Shaped Cord

Get the umbilical cord shaped in heart form and keep as a memory. It’s not something you would display in the living room right next to your prized porcelain, but you can keep it in a baby box along with other memorabilia.

umbilical cord heart

Placenta Beauty Treatment

Some major skincare brands like Mila Skin Care or Shiseido are using placenta as an ingredient in their skincare product. They say it’s rich in antioxidants, proteins and amino acids which rejuvenate the skin. I know about dozen other foods that contain the same are are widely available, unlike placenta. If you’re willing to give it a try, there are a lot of placenta face mask you can either buy or make one at home.

placenta face mask

Placenta Salve

The dried bits of placenta are mixed with various oils to produce this salve, which is great for rashes and cuts. Prepared by Pure Birth.

placenta salve


That means you don’t cut the placenta off at birth. You simply carry it with you in a bowl called Lotus bag. If you ask yourself why, you’re not alone. I haven’t found an answer or explanation yet and there isn’t enough medical information about why some people believe it has some benefits for the baby.

lotus bag for placenta

Placenta Chocolate

If you prefer something on the sweet side, placenta chocolate might be for you. Just remember to tell your guests what they’re eating before offering it along with coffee.

placenta chocolate

BBQ Placenta

For a truly unique BBQ party, try Placenta to go along with your bacon and salad. Seriously, does this look appealing or what?

placenta dried

Have you found your chosen method to preserve the precious organ? If I could choose again, I would opt for jewelry, that way I can carry a bit of the memory with me every day.

Which one are you going to try, if at all?

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