Top 7 Educational Trends for 2021

2020 brought drastic changes to all fields of life, including education, due to the global macroeconomic downfall by pandemics.

Besides, it was the era when digital trends in educational technology got skyrocketing.

2021 is going to be the year with innovations in the ways of learning.

This article will help the student learn the emerging educational trends for the New Year.


E-learning means learning through internet-enabled handy devices or computers.

The old ways of learning did not provide such a broad facility of research and evaluation as provided by e-learning.

Although this trend in education has already attained popularity, it is going to be more important for the students of 2021 because:

⦁ The coming years pose increased health risks in physical interactions as a result of pandemic outbreak 2020
⦁ Online learning technology is growing up at an incredible pace
⦁ And the spreading scope of the internet to all parts of the world.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the power of machines to think and respond in many forms like a robot.

It means that machines can reason and perform tasks like human beings. AI is not a new thing for the students of the coming years. It has already influenced the learning system in the USA to a great extent.

With the addition of new features like smart content and virtual global conferences, artificial intelligence has become more impactful.

It is going to emerge as one of the current trends in educational technology for 2021, mainly because:
⦁ It lets the learners get more personalized in learning
⦁ It is a quicker way of teaching and learning
⦁ AI supports the teachers to spot learning incapacities
⦁ It has globalized the world in terms of education systems
⦁ The students get learning matter in a more understandable form
⦁ Educators get more knowledge to become a source of knowledge for others
⦁ And, Students can submit technologically written feedback.

Virtual Reality Learning

Virtual reality is one of the most amazing and engaging trends in education 2021. It produces either an unreal or real world through the virtual tool on the eyes of the learner.

The learner can see the world, move here and there in it, and intermingle with things. There are many benefits of virtual reality learning in the coming years, like:

⦁ The students can visualize places and things they cannot get access to in the conventional study environment
⦁ It is so much interesting that everybody wants to wear the virtual learning tool at least once in a life
⦁ It lets the learners enjoy learning for hours
⦁ VR has removed the concept of language as a learning obstacle
⦁ The education field has come up with quality content in different subjects.

Mobile-First Learning

Mobile-first learning system has given rise to educational trends and issues for 2021. It means the mobile app of a desktop site, which is adaptable to greater screens for students.

They can get fast access to course materials with their mobile phones without physically moving to their colleges or universities.

Whether they are traveling or eating during breaks, the courses are available with a couple of taps on their mobiles. Thus, M-learning has won the attention of educators for designing an education system for future generations.


Gamification has appeared as one of the most predictably popular educational technology trends.

It simply means learning through fun and gaming to improve results. The educators who follow this learning tactic convert their classroom into a gaming zone unlocking students’ active creativity.

Consequently, the learners purposefully experiment with their creative power. They also understand the value of collaboration and teamwork. Subsequently, the play and fun lead them to grow their aptitude and knowledge on the related subject.

Different educational levels have different types of games for an enjoyable learning environment for the students. Not only junior classes but also senior classes get closer to their subject matter through this popular educational trend.

Gamification has another plus point of bringing students out of uniformity and seek mastery over the subject through fun. Although it is a powerful learning practice for school and college classrooms, they are more inclined toward online gamification.

The online gamification has additional features, advanced tools, and multiple options unavailable in classroom fun learning. As WWW seems to have increased value for the coming generation, online gamification can prove more popular for students in 2021.

However, you must not forget that fun and play, even purposeful, can distract you from your studies. Particularly, the students who get involved in games more than anything can forget about important assignments of other subjects.

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5G Technology

The education field has incredibly grown by 5G or fifth-generation wireless technology of networking a refined form of 4G LTE. 5G, as one of the current educational trends, has made educational experiences more technological by adding speed and dependency.

The students can interact with multiple devices to complete their assignments in the least amount of time. Furthermore, 5G, has put forth an assortment of learning apps with increasing numbers day by day. These apps have created a learning atmosphere, which was just a dream one decade ago.

Let us see how 5G will change the world’s learning perspective and experience in the New Year:

⦁ It will provide more support in the learning process
⦁ Students will learn in an immersive 3D environment
⦁ Internet of things will transform the traditional classrooms
⦁ The students will enjoy video uploading/downloading at incredibly fast speed
⦁ And it will spread even in rural areas in 2021 as an advanced learning system.


At last, 2021 is going to open miraculous ways of learning for the students who know nothing but modernity. Both teachers and students will get the advantages of a revolutionized approach to education.

The new educational means will be quicker, more technological, and promising. The coming generation is going to learn through advanced, engaging, and tech-based, global educational schemes.

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