Productivity is a Key: How to Stay Effective Being a Mom and Student at the Same Time?

Motherhood completely changes a woman’s life, at least for the first years. When a baby is born, you have almost no time left for anything other than taking care of him.

And even if you have to continue your education, which brings enormous benefits to most mothers, motherhood shouldn’t make you give up on your dreams.

No matter how old you are, if you have a passion for work, a desire to expand your knowledge, upgrade yourself, or just a desire to learn, keep going.

Being a mother shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams. You may need to try harder, be more organized, and put more energy into it, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

How to Stay Effective Being a Mom and Student at the Same Time 1

Is it Possible to Study and Stay Effective When you Have Children?

Of course, it is possible. If this is your desire and goal, you should not refuse it. Your children are not a hindrance to achieving personal success. On the contrary, the greatest of motivations. But in order not to be abandoned along the way, you must consider your capabilities, needs, and expectations.

Suppose you’re considering returning to the class, whether a distance course, university degree, or opposition, don’t skip the following pieces of advice.

You can achieve what you set out to do. So here are some tips on starting being a student and a mom.

Visualize Your Motivation

Once you have decided that you want to be a student mom, it is essential to choose well what you want to study.

If your motivation is to achieve a better job, you should look for courses to help you achieve this goal. Learning for fun is great, but it’s a lot more difficult when you have kids, so you need to be clear about your motivation not to give up.

Learn to Delegate and Forget About Guilt

You do not have to answer everything. All your children’s household chores and tasks are not suitable for you. As much as you want to take care of everything, it would be best if you delegated authority over your children’s needs or your home. Ask a partner or family for help.

Lots of young moms feel guilty because of having a baby while studying. And some of them even thought about abortion, but it isn’t the right decision.

If you want this baby but are just scared about your future, you can find many free writing samples on any theme. They will help you to get ready for motherhood.

You can even find diverse free essays on abortion and reading such information will help you understand that combining the studying process with growing a baby is possible.

Organization and Planning

Time management for moms is an essential part of effective studying. Once you have decided what you will study, you must carefully plan the goals to be achieved.

Divide your goals into parts to become more realistic and achievable in the short term. Very long goals are easier to give up, put off until tomorrow.

Organize your time well, depending on how much free time you have. If you have to study for 2 hours a day, create a study schedule based on your daily hours.

Don’t Demand Everything from Yourself

You should be aware that you can’t achieve everything.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must learn to give up other things, just for a while, then you will receive your reward.

Learn Habits and Avoid Distractions

Learning isn’t always easy to start. It would be best if you created the habit of learning so that every minute you spend is productive.

Organize a place for your material where you will have everything ready to sit and study. Even 15 minutes spent on education is a good result.

Make Good Use of Your Child’s Sleep Time.

You can postpone essential tasks that require more concentration during the child’s sleep. At this time, you can do your assignments or pay attention to work issues.

The primary time you can use for study and work is at night. Yes, it’s hard, but it is at this time that you can calmly study and be left to yourself.

But don’t forget to rest because of motherhood and studying demand good moral and physical health.


Your children are your biggest motivation. The motives that led you to the idea of ​​returning to your studies belong only to you.

Your children will benefit from the fact that you achieve your goals. They will learn the value of putting effort and perseverance into what you want.

So don’t be afraid to be a mother and a student. It will be an excellent lesson for the future of your kids. Yes, it can be challenging, but your efforts will be rewarded

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