5 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

As we prepare to welcome in the start of spring, this is always a great time to take stock of your current skincare routine and look for areas that you could make changes and upgrades. What might have been working just fine over the winter months may not work the same as you head into spring and then summer. Not only that, but it’s always wise to look for any gaps or areas you may not be addressing in your current skincare routine.

To help you figure out what changes are necessary, here’s a look at five effective ways to upgrade your skincare routine and ensure you’re doing all you can to have healthy, beautiful looking skin.

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Does Your Skincare Routine Address Your Specific Needs?

A good place to start is to examine what your specific skincare needs are? What are the issues or areas of concern that you are focusing on? Are you trying to combat fine lines and wrinkles, are you dealing with acne, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and so forth. For many people, it’s not just one issue, but rather a number of them.

Choose Products Geared Towards Your Skin Type

You’ll also need to know what your skin type is in order to pick the best products. The various skin types are dry, normal, combination, and oily. Keep in mind that your skin type can change with the season, and you may be dealing with more than one skin type. For example, some people may be dry on the perimeters of their faces but then have an oily t-zone. This is typically referred to as combination skin.

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Treat Your Lips to Some Pampering

One area that often gets looked over is your lips. Just like the rest of your skin, they could do with a little attention and pampering too. Rather than making do with the typical balms, a lip mask can provide you with a much deeper level of hydration and results. This lip mask works quickly and adds volume and hydration.

A lip mask is something that can be used on a daily basis no matter the season. For many people, applying masks at night tends to be the most convenient as the mask can work while they sleep.

Pay Close Attention to the Ingredients

While many people assume that a higher price tag must equal better products and, therefore, better results, that isn’t always the case. It comes down to the ingredients in the product and how effective they are.

Ideally, you want to look for skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals, aren’t overly-scented, free of dyes, and contain effective and proven ingredients.

Stay Consistent with Your Routine

Finally, there is consistency. You can go ahead and invest in all the best products on the market, that are specifically geared towards your skincare concerns and your skin type, but if you aren’t consistent, they just won’t give you results. You should have a skincare routine for the AM and PM that you follow each and every day without fail. Even skipping one day can be enough to cause havoc on your skin and mess with your results.

If you’re the type that travels on a regular basis, make sure you also take those same items with you to keep up with your routine. It may be helpful to purchase the items in travel sizes or purchase reusable travel-sized containers that you can fill and label.

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Enjoy Your Well-Earned Results

By following these tips, you’ll be able to upgrade your skincare routine and start getting incredible results almost immediately.

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