7 Essential Equipment For The Work-At-Home Mom

Working from home is part of the new norm, and moms across the globe are jumping in on the trend. The wide adoption is due to its convenience and flexibility.

As a mom, you usually have several errands to run at home and kids to stay with. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine spending the entire day at your workplace far away from home. That’s the essence of working from home as a mom.  

However, it can be challenging, especially when your kids are still toddlers, at the crawling or walking stage. Focusing on the work at hand may not be that straightforward.

Nevertheless, you must find workarounds around the challenges to ensure you remain productive at work. It shouldn’t be difficult if you have the requisite tools to pull it off.

Once you find a suitable work area and a way to keep your kids busy, you can grind behind your workstation and make enough money. Here are nine essential pieces of equipment to enhance your experience as a work-at-home mom: 

Essential Equipment For The Work At Home Mom 1

1. Generators  

Blackouts are usually inevitable; sometimes, they can go on for days, and your work can come to a standstill. Purchasing high-quality generators from reliable companies, such as Generator Pro or other similar ones, ensure your work’s continuity when the power goes off unexpectedly.

Remember, some employers prefer their work-at-home staff to work simultaneously as an office-based team for collaboration.

So, postponing work to a later time during a blackout may not always be an option. The most guaranteed solution is a backup generator. You can find one fit for domestic use with a longer lifespan and able to power several devices. 

2. Standing Desk  

Walking to your workplace daily is excellent physical exercise. But since you’re working from home, it may not be possible to leave the house daily; you only have to take a few steps from your bedroom to your office space.

Prolonged inactivity and continuous sitting can cause significant health problems, especially back pains due to spinal cord injuries, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  

An excellent workaround is to purchase a standing desk. Working while standing negates the harmful effects of sitting.

An advantage is that standing desks aren’t bulky. They can perfectly fit limited spaces, including a corner of your small bedroom, the kitchen area, or the living room. On the same note, consider taking regular breaks throughout the day and walking around or climbing up and down the staircase. 

3. Laptop 

A laptop is an essential tool for a work-at-home mom. More often than not, you’ll be accessing the work portal and files through the cloud, and a laptop is the best device for internet access.

You may argue that your smartphone suffices, but it might not be as versatile as a laptop, especially if your work involves heavy typing. A phone’s screen is too tiny for serious work and may strain you significantly.  

So, purchase a high-quality laptop with sufficient Random Access Memory (RAM) and a cutting-edge processor for seamless workflow free of unnecessary lags.

It’d also help if the battery could last for at least five hours to cover up in times of blackouts.  

4. Laptop Accessories 

Furthermore, you can enhance your work experience by purchasing a few essential laptop accessories. Firstly, buy an external monitor with a bigger screen size than the laptop for better visual comfort.  

You’d also want to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse to allow you to change sitting positions as often as you wish. Go for high-quality ones that retain power for a long time, so you don’t have to recharge them constantly.

Wireless devices eliminate the unsightly look of cables all over your desk area. It’s also safer since kids are known to play with cables, which can damage electronic devices through dropping or electric shorts. 

Another essential laptop accessory is the stand. Working with a laptop may lead to strain injuries if you don’t master the correct posture. A laptop stand helps improve your sitting posture. It also lets your computer cool off if your home is hot. 

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

Focusing on work at home may sometimes be challenging due to the ever-present disturbances, including kids crying, household appliances running, music playing, or family chatting.

An excellent option is to wear noise-cancelling headphones designed to block any distracting noises. 

Wearing them sends a solid message to whoever is in the house that you’re working and you shouldn’t be disturbed. They also prevent feedback on office calls, making video conferencing sessions more enjoyable.  

6. Office Chair 

Your everyday sofa isn’t designed for working but for relaxing. Therefore, an office chair is a must-have. They’re specially designed for optimum comfort and correct posture while sitting at a desk.

They’re suitable for back support since you’ll spend several hours seated. 

7. Posture Corrector  

Posture correctors help train and strengthen your muscles to support your spine when sitting on a chair, which is advantageous for your overall well-being.

You’ll save yourself from backaches and other posture-related complications. 


Working from home requires adequate preparation equipment-wise. Acquiring the tools above enhances your comfort and productivity, ensuring you don’t fall behind on meaningful work.

When purchasing them, only go for high-quality ones to eliminate the need to replace them every other month.

Julie Higgins
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