How To Craft An Office Space In Small Bedroom

It may seem almost impractical to come with functional office space in your small bedroom without making it feel cramped. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.

Below, you’ll discover creative office ideas to help you come up with a workspace in your small bedroom for your work-from-home needs.

How To Craft An Office Space In Small Bedroom

8 Ideas for creating an office space in a small bedroom

The ideal office space should feature a worktop for your laptop and comfortable seating. Shelving may be needed for storage needs.

The following bedroom office space ideas will help you set an ideal workspace for your needs.

1. Make Use of the Idle Corner

You can easily turn a tiny, unused corner in the bedroom into a stylish workspace.

Clear the corner and introduce a small desk and a comfy upholstered chair. You may consider getting a desk with storage shelves for your supplies.

You may also consider introducing a wall grid on the wall next to your desk. This will offer additional storage that holds your sticky notes, note cards, business cards, inspiration messages, and other reminders.

Adding a potted plant on the desk will help add ambiance to your new corner office.

2. Natural Light is Crucial

If the space available in your bedroom is near a window, then it makes the perfect workspace where you have plenty of natural light.

Here, you’d want to set your desk such that it overlooks the window for maximum sunlight access and even enjoy a good view of the outside.

Hang shelves on the adjacent walls to provide you with plenty of space for stashing everything you need in your home office.

Finish up your new office looks with a cool-looking chair that neatly tucks underneath the desk to help free space when not in use.

3. Alcove Office Idea

That small recessed section of your bedroom will also make a nice workspace for you. It will easily fit a small desk that lets you do your laptop work, write, or just spend some quiet time.

For the seating, you can get a stool that you can easily push under the desk to help save space when not working.

4. Try a cloffice

If your bedroom design doesn’t have an alcove, a good alternative would be turning that closet into an office.

Before you start getting confused, a cloffice is a cool word we give for an office set in the closet area.

You simply remove the closet doors and get rid of all your clothes to help open up space. Next, install thick bars across the cross to act as floating shelves.

A lower shelf that’s slightly thicker than the others will become your desktop. Make sure you set this bar at a comfortable working height.

Lastly, place a chair beneath it, and you’ve got a complete workspace in your small bedroom!

A walk-in closet would be an even better office idea if you’re into creative work or run an Etsy shop. The closet design will enable you to display your products and samples.

Space is sufficient for this type of closet. It can comfortably take in an office desk and chair and still leave plenty of storage for your inventory.

Keep in mind that this closet will offer you a separate workspace from your bedroom. So, you can enjoy full privacy and peace of mind and fully concentrate on your work.

5. Go with a Floating Desk

If you believe you don’t have any viable specie in your bedroom to fir any type of office desk, why not try a floating desk?

This desk is such a space-saver that it will easily fit in the tiniest corner of your bedroom.

Mounting this type of desk on a wall eliminates the visual weight of a traditional desk. And it makes the corner look bigger than it is actually is.

Right above the desk, you can introduce shelves on the same wall to hold your office supplies, including books, paperwork, and so on.

6. Corner V-desk for Multiple Monitor Setup

If you have a multiple monitor setup and have in mind a corner in your bedroom that will make a good workspace, this is your part.

Consider installing a V-desk that perfectly fits into the corner. The advantage of this type of desk is that it’s deep enough to accommodate a laptop, the typical desktop computer, or even a decently sized monitor.

Directly above this desk, you can install similar V-shaped shelves to create plenty of storage for everything, including your home office supplies, books, speakers, and so on.

7. Bedroom Office Space for Couples

If you plan to set up a workspace that accommodates two people, this is your part.

Consider installing a long floating shelf into the available space in the bedroom. Make sure the length of the frame is ideal for comfortably accommodating you and your other half.

You can then introduce two matching chairs to complete the looks of this workspace.

Additional items that you may consider adding include a lamp or two potted plants. You can even hang inspiring artwork on the wall inverting of you.

8. Get a Simplified Standing Desk

As you already know, medical experts have warned of too much sitting as a serious health risk.

With this in mind, you may want to get a standing desk in your bedroom instead of the typical office desk.

Instead of getting a standing desk, you can get creative and come up with a fold-down raised at a comfortable standing height. Attach this desk with hinges and then support it with a chain.

When you’re not using this desk, you’ll simply fold it up, and it will free up some extra space.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the creative ways you can come up with office space in your small bedroom. These ideas are space-savvy and will help you craft a practical workspace without making your office feel cramped. Regardless of the idea you settle for, it will give you a work surface, comfortable seating, and storage for your office supplies. Which of these home office ideas would you want to incorporate in your bedroom?

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