3 Essentials You Need For Glowing Skin

Winter weather is characterized by rather low temperatures, and frequent frosty winds are able to excessively dry the skin on our faces. No matter how much we try to protect it by relying on accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats, we need to take extra care and provide the essential vitamins and minerals to keep it moist and glowing. 

The only way for this to happen is to use the right cosmetics that are rich in valuable substances. 

Here is a selection of facial products that we believe will be able to keep your skin beautiful and hydrated, even in cold and harsh winter conditions.

Hydration, the provision of valuable vitamins and minerals, as well as regular protection from the harmful rays of the sun are the main steps towards achieving beautiful and healthy skin on the face without imperfections. 

There is often a misconception among users that our face needs sun protection, for example, only in the summer and in high temperatures. That’s not true – to enjoy beautiful and healthy skin, we need to rely on these three steps at any time of the year.

Essentials You Need For Glowing Skin

1. Hydrated Skin is Healthy, Young, and Has Retained its Elasticity

Hydration is essential for our facial skin. Of course, we manage to get a large part of the moisture through a proper diet, but it is equally important to use moisturizing cosmetic products on a daily basis. 

The moisture in the skin takes care of the maintenance of the hydrolipidic layer, preserves elasticity, brightens the complexion, and regulates the overproduction of sebum responsible for the appearance of acne and imperfections.

The use of an all-purpose cream is also recommended, as often the main role of such types of products is to provide sufficient hydration. Thus, we can easily seal the moisture in the depth of our skin and enjoy a radiant and fresh complexion.

2. Sun Protection is a Must, Regardless of the Season

It’s a myth that we don’t need sunscreen for our faces in the winter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Harmful UV rays reach our skin regardless of the season, causing permanent damage and leading to the appearance of pigment spots.

A good way to ensure the necessary sun protection for the skin of our face is the use of decorative cosmetics like cancer council BB cream with a sun protection factor.

Thus, we easily combine two benefits of using one product. Fluid foundations with a sun protection factor evenly and gently even out the complexion, depriving our skin of imperfections, and gentle CC creams brighten the skin, making it look fresh and visibly rejuvenated.

3. Providing the Skin with Valuable Substances is the Most Important Step During Winter Care

As already mentioned, the harsh weather conditions in winter are a sufficient prerequisite for the deterioration of skin conditions. 

That is why it is essential to provide it with sufficient vitamins, minerals, and valuable ingredients on a daily basis – in this way we will best support cell regeneration and maintain an excellent dermatological balance.

Serums are an excellent product that aims to do exactly that – they are concentrated formulas that provide the skin with a cocktail of important and valuable substances, vitamins, and minerals. 

Due to the small molecules of serums, they have the ability to penetrate the skin deeply, giving it even more optimal care. Intensive rejuvenating serums are a great option for harsh winters and concentrate for troubled and irritated

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