Stylish Eyeglasses for Seniors Proud of Their Gray Hair and Wrinkles!

As we age, our eyesight can start to become more important, and eyeglasses are a popular option to help improve vision without the need for surgery.

But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up style and fashion when it comes to finding glasses.

You can find spectacles that suit your face shape, personal style, and even color preference. Here are some tips on how seniors can easily find stylish eyeglasses that look good.

Stylish Eyeglasses for Seniors Proud of Their Gray Hair and Wrinkles!

Start with Figuring Out What Shape You Are Looking For

Figuring out what frame shape best suits your facial features is key when finding glasses online for seniors.

Some common frame shapes for seniors include round, oval, square, and even cat-eye frames. However, the spectacle frame you choose should complement your face shape. 

For example, if you have a round face, you’ll want glasses with a square frame. The straight lines provide definition and give balance to the shape of your face.

On the other hand, if you have a diamond-shaped face with a sharp chin, then cat-eye spectacles would suit you perfectly. 

Choose Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

Choosing frame colors that match your skin tone will make sure your spectacles don’t bring out unwanted redness or grayness in your cheeks. Some seniors will have cool undertones which go well with silver frames. 

Generally speaking, lighter colors like mint greens or light blues are best suited for cool-toned skin, while warmer tones like rose golds or yellows work better on warmer-toned skin.

It’s also important to go for colors that stand out compared with your hair color. Too many gradients of similar colors might turn out looking messy instead of stylish!

You could also go for neutral-colored frames such as white or cream. But this will depend on your specific style.

Additionally, darker frames tend to suit older men, while lighter frames are more appealing for female seniors. 

Try Different Material Options

You shouldn’t settle on a pair of glasses just yet if they aren’t quite perfect.

Try different material options, such as metal alloys or plastic, which come in an array of different hues and finishes. 

Matte bronze colors paired with warm grays look great, while chrome finishes paired with teal create an exciting high contrast against gray tones in skin complexion! 

Staying away from blingy decorations is also recommended. Florals or simple patterns are more subtle yet still stylish choices suitable for seniors.

Opt for Tinted Lenses 

Wearing prescription eyeglasses can become challenging for seniors as time goes on. To ensure eye safety, comfort, and visibility, seniors may benefit from investing in tinted lenses.

Bright lights and glare can be especially taxing on senior eyesight. Thanks to polarized or special coating tinted lenses, seniors can enjoy improved clarity when exposed to natural sunlight or artificial light. 

There are also color-changing lenses that seniors can opt for. These lenses will go dark when stepping outside, so it will look like you’re wearing sunglasses. They’ll turn clear again when you walk back inside. 

Consider Using Using Fashionable Eyewear Retainers

Eyewear retainers are thin straps of fabric or leather that are connected to the arms of your glasses. This retainer loops around the back of your neck.

Seniors usually use retainers so they can keep their spectacles hanging around their necks, so they don’t lose or break them. 

There are stylish eyewear retainers that will complement your gray hair and skin tone. You can find ones with various patterns and designs.

Or opt for interchangeable retainers so you can have a strap that goes with every outfit you wear.  

Incorporate Trends Into Your Look

It’s important not to forget style when looking for glasses as current trends evolve rapidly, and what was once fashionable last year could potentially look out of date today.

Some timeless items like aviators remain classic pieces that never go out of vogue but incorporating modern touches into your look will keep things fresh.

Donning cat eyes or square designs can give off an edgy vibe without going too far from traditional style norms within senior fashion circles!

Try On Different Pairs 

The best way to find eyeglasses that suit your hair, skin tone, and age is to try them all on. You can either visit a store to try on various shapes and styles, or you can opt to use an AI app. Using apps allows you to try on eyeglasses using virtual reality

You can then see what colors and frame shapes will suit you without visiting a store. This is especially helpful if you want to buy your spectacles through an online store.

It’s best not to settle on a pair of eyeglasses if you’re not 100% happy with the way they look. Trying on spectacles will ensure you find the right eyeglasses for your specific style.  

Final Thoughts 

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you should start wearing old-fashioned glasses. There are many styles and colors that will suit your unique style. Use the tips in this article to help you find a pair of eyeglasses you’ll love. 

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