Major Trend Alert: 2017 is All About Fluid Hair Painting

Fluid hair painting is a new method of dyeing hair. It is a little bit brighter than a regular balayage yet softer than foil highlights. The effect of fluid hair painting is so gradual, it has a fluid transition of color, thus the name.

You’ve probably seen this circulating social media websites and articles online. It has become a trend because the results are incredible.

Fluid hair painting was discovered by Kaite Lyn Christoffersen, a Michigan-based hairstylist from Cheeky Strut Salon. During an interview with InStyle, she explained what fluid hair painting is all about.

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What if Fluid Hair Painting?

Fluid Hair Painting


According to her, fluid hair painting is literally painting sections of hair as it is laid flat on a table.

It goes through bleaching then color if the client prefers another color to be added.

“I actually had a dream about coloring hair that was fanned-out, and thought it would be so amazing to have that kind of control over the hair while overdirecting it in different ways,” she tells InStyle. “The finished result you get is very fluid in movement, which is why we named it fluid hair painting, and when you drop the hair down from being overdirected, it creates this shift in color so you can’t really tell where the highlight is coming from.”

Benefits of Fluid Hair Painting

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about it right? Well, there are several benefits to the process and post painting method. Kaite went through a thorough Q&A with Modern Salon when the method started trending.

  • Elevation – according to Kaite, it’s easier to have fluidity when you see things from above. With balayage, you can only see it from one angle. When hair is fanned out on a table, you are able to see from all sides, thus, a more even application.
  • Learnable – more and more stylists are learning the process so you don’t really have to wait in such a long queue of specialty salons.
  • Customizable – you can go with an array of different colors without worry of it not being evenly applied.
  • Multidimensional – the result looks very natural like how your hair gets multiple tones from being out in the sun too long when you were a kid.
  • Comfort – the process is a lot more comfortable because you’re in a recline position rather than having to hold your head up. You might eve get to sneak some shut eye in.

Results of Fluid Hair Painting

Fluid Hair Painting 1


That’s the result of a perfectly fluid painted hair. The gradual colors are soft yet obvious, striking yet subtle, bright yet natural.


fluid hair painting

Blonde is the go-to color for balayage and hair painting. It involves bleaching to make hair lighter. Then, some people add touches of gold or brown for a gradient effect.

Fluid Hair Painting 2


Multidimensional color can also be achieved. Light on the outside and gradually darkens on the inside. To achieve this, the out portions are painted first before the bottom layers.

fluid hair painting

Or, one can opt for dark to light gradual change. Only the lower half is bleached to get the ombre effect.


Fluid Hair Painting 3


Many women, well those who are quite adventurous with their hair, opt for a touch of bright blue on their hair. Since the solid bright blue is so 2000’s, hair painting makes the shading to blue possible.

Fluid Hair Painting 4


Different shades of blue can also be mixed with silver or platinum blonde for different effects. Still, they all look fab!

Fluid Hair Painting 5


Many women also tried the ‘galaxy hair’ when Kylie Jenner came out with the style. It then evolved to purple and pink being a part of the mix to portray the Milky Way galaxy.

Fluid Hair Painting 6


Not into too pink or too red? Mix the purple with pastel shade of green to achieve the perfect blend of purple and blue.

Fluid Hair Painting 7


This is the perfect blend of platinum blonde and blue. Anyone would love this style. How I wish this would look good on me!

Red and Pink

Fluid Hair Painting 8


Aside from the blue on blonde trend, the pink on blonde also took its place on the popularity list calling it a metallic effect.

fluid hair painting

If you’re okay to stand out with your bright hair, you can totally go for the solid red with lighter pink highlights.

fluid hair painting

And since the rose gold color have trended so much, why not try the color on your hair, right?

Fluid Hair Painting 9


How about this blend of quartz pink and moss green? Not a big fan of pink but I like this!


Fluid Hair Painting 10


A strong mix of bright pink transitioning to a soft lilac. The blend of the light and bright makes a great shade of purple.

Fluid Hair Painting 11


How about purple on dark hair? It gives off the effect that makes you wonder whether it’s pink, red or purple.

fluid hair painting

Bright violet on brunette hair screams style without being too loud. Doing gradually on the tips make it even better.


Fluid Hair Painting12


For those who can’t really make up their mind on which color, mixing all the colors of the rainbow is possible.

Fluid Hair Painting 13


It looks awesome on both light or dark based hair. But, the sandy brown effect on this is just impeccable.

Fluid Hair Painting 14


Maybe you prefer the less striking hues of pastel colors? This would look great on platinum blonde or silver!

Fluid Hair Painting 15


Rocker chick minus the emo part. Yes, a unicorn puked on her head.

Fluid Hair Painting 16

source: @guy_tang

I would go for this rainbow of blue, green, purple and opal. That’s the perfect mermaid hair as what they would call it.

Fluid Hair Painting 17


I feel like I’m staring at the Aurora Borealis. I am completely in love with this hair.

Fluid hair painting is a trend that will most likely stick around as long as there are women who are into bold hair color changes. 

Though your not all salons offer the service and I hope you do not dare DIY at home, Kaite has been on going on tour offering lessons to stylists all over the country. And, I’m sure that the method has reached other parts of the world.

No matter how much you’re itching for a new look, consult a professional first. We don’t want any hair mishaps you’d regret! Either way, I would totally recommend fluid hair painting if you want a totally different look!

Have you tried fluid hair painting? Did you like the results? Let us know with a comment below!

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