When your child reaches the super active age of 18 months, their physical state isn’t the only thing that’s heightened. Their comprehension is also starting to develop. They start to recognize sounds, are able to copy them among other things.  One of the things they also learn is the ability to identify colors. And, although they do not know which color is which, they understand that they’re different.

At this point in time, you can ease them into different activities to help them name and identify colors accordingly. Many psychologists suggest to start with three simple colors and add as you progress.

Also, much like everyone else, we don’t always know how to start. In case you’re in a pinch, here are a few ways you can teach your kids.

1Color Wheel 

Right. I wrote earlier that it’s important to ease them into the process of learning which means starting off with a few colors. Create a color wheel of the most basic colors and start teaching them red, green and yellow.

They’re the most basic colors. Match them with color-coded pins and pretty soon your child will be able to match them accordingly. In the long run, they will recognize other colors until they’re able to match the entire wheel.  Check out the steps in making your own color wheel here.

2Muffin Pan Color Match

It’s cheap, easy to make and super fun. You don’t even have to buy a new muffin pan. If you have old ones at home and some basic color spray paint in your garage, all you have to worry about are the puffs. Check out the full description here.

3Button Sorting Cups

Now, these are items you can totally afford. Buttons are super cheap and if you’ve noticed, kids love to play with them. Pick out the basic colors and find matching containers! Easy and effective way to teach color to your kids! Get the full set of instructions here!

4Rainbow Pompom Game

With the help of colorful pompoms, printables, and magnetic crafting tape, you can teach color to your kids in the most fun way possible. Kids love sticking things onto other things which is why the baking tray and the magnetic tapes work so well! Wanna learn how to create your own pompom game? Click here.

5Pipe Cleaners Color Sorter

Teach color to your kids with an empty Pringles can, colored hole savers and fluffy pipe cleaners that match! Wasn’t that easy? No need to buy expensive interactive toys if you’re on the tighter side of your bank account. Spotted here.

6Colorful Pompom Drop 

Don’t you just love pompoms? They’re so useful in a lot of activities to teach color! They’re cheap and kids love the fluffy feeling! Get the whole inspiration here!

7Color Toss Game

If you’re the DIY type of mom then you’re going to enjoy this project. How easy can these ideas to teach color get? I mean, all you need ffor this one are corn kernels, a box, some fabric and paint! With sufficient guidance, even your kids can make this for their younger siblings. See the full work here.

8Egg Carton Color Sorting

Now, you might have to be extra attentive during this activity. The colored chips are small so it would not be hard to swallow. Let’s avoid leaving our kids unattended while doing this activity. You can definitly sub the chips for something else if it makes you more comfortable. Check out the full idea here.

9Cereal Sorting Mat

If you have Fruit Loops or Cap’n Crunch cereal then all you need is to print our the mat and you’re good to teach color! The great thing about this idea is you can do it even during meal times! Get the printable mat here.

10Train Color Sorting Activity

As time-consuming as it looks, it’s not at all. The items can be found around the house especially if you already have a kid going to school taking up art class. Then, you can choose whatever manipulatives you’d like to use such as Legos, building blocks or other toys. Learn how to make it here.

11Monster Color Sorters


Plastic gallon containers are super recyclable and useful not only around the house but for play time too! Check out this color sorter. Isn’t it abosolutely cool? Your little boy will love it for sure! Full set of instructions two-daloo.com.

12Color Block Puzzles

If you have colored paper, Legos and a marker, then this activity would be easy peasy for you. You just have to take the time to trace the blocks out. But, for the time investment, it’s sure worth the fun and learning your child is going to have! Check out the steps here.

Ready to teach color to your kids? 

Yes, teaching colors can be difficult depending on your little ones attention spam and age. It’s like trying to make an amnesia patient remember their past. Well, not that hopeless but you may find it difficult at the start.

Just a few things to remember: be patient, be attentive and be intentional. Kids don’t know any better so don’t lose patience. And, if they make progress, be attentive enough to give them praise. Let them learn at their own pace but do not lose the intention. Make sure you steer them back to the main point of the activity. Do these things and you’ll have a color genius soon!

So, get your thinking cap on and start DIY-ing your color activities!

Have you tried some other tricks not mentioned in here? Let us know with a comment below!


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