10 Ways to Get Creative With Tulle Fabric

Tulle is a type of netting that is lightweight, stiff, and very fine. These can be made of different fibers like nylon, rayon, polyester, etc. While some fashion designers use them in dresses, tulle is mostly associated with Tutus for little girls. The association is strong enough that many don’t see other applications of the fabric. So, here is a list of 10 things you can do with tulle. 

10 Ways to Get Creative With Tulle Fabric

1. Christmas Decoration

Christmas is a great excuse to shop around in fabrics stores online. On your next trip, get some tulle to make heavenly tulle angels and Christmas trees to decorate your house. These will be a great addition when you are set to host a party. 

2. Wedding Decoration

Weddings and tulle are almost anonymous since some brides use the fabric for their bridal veil. However, you can also use them to decorate wedding chairs if you combine them with some flowers and a cute pouch to hold the flowers. 

3. Tulle Centerpiece

Is your table missing a centerpiece? Tulle can help you out. Get crafty with the fabric and make cute pom-poms and attach them to a complimenting stick. Voila! You have a centerpiece for special occasions that your kids will definitely love. 

4. Tulle Table skirt

Tulle is a great fabric if you want a table skirt with a cascading effect. Such a table skirt is perfect for princess-themed parties for little girls or even for baby showers. All you will need is around 15 yards+ tulle and another fabric for the tabletop.

5. Dresses with Tulle

As mentioned earlier, several designers use tulle in their designs. From creating princess dresses for little girls to a designer gown with a tulle mesh, the fabric can be used to make clothes with some vision and experience. 

6. Tulle Curtains

Tulle is not the first fabric you may consider for curtains, and on its own, the fabric is not the best fit. However, when you combine it with something sturdy like a drop cloth, you have a curtain that’s durable and adds a feminine touch to the room.

7. Cute Cushions

While you can’t use tulle for regular use, these can be a great choice for decorative cushions on your sofa. Simply lock the hems on both sides of the cut fabrics and layer them on top of each other. Secure these with a cute ribbon.

8. Wreaths

If you are looking for a non-standard wreath for this Christmas, tulle wreaths are a great option. You can DIY it with some tulle, thick circular wire, stones, and artificial flowers. Arrange everything on the wire—the tulle folded upon the wire—and use glue to fix them all.

9. Fairy wings

If your kid has a fancy dress competition coming up or simply wants to be a princess for Halloween, you can get wings made with tulle. With some wire, tulle, and DIY skill, you can easily make the wings at home. 

10. Backpack

Tulle and backpacks seem like things that don’t go well together. However, with the right exterior cloth and proper layering of tulle, you can create a sturdy backpack with this fabric for your little one. They can carry the bag around for their picnics or playdates.


Tulle is often associated with Tutus for little girls. However, the applications of this fabric go beyond Tutus in the crafts world. From acting as wedding decoration to becoming a significant part of dresses, this fabric is versatile and can be used for just about anything with a vision. All you really need is some imagination and just enough tulle.

Julie Higgins
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