Love gestures: What to Give to a Woman Who Doesn’t Like Flowers

Are you looking forward to attending a party? Choosing what to give them can be difficult. Even if you jot down options, it can become even more tricky if you do not like flowers! While flowers can easily make someone happy and special, if you end up choosing a gift for someone who isn’t fond of it, this can become a difficult task.

Here is the list of gift ideas you can choose from for those who don’t like flowers!

Love gestures: What to Give to a Woman Who Doesn't Like Flowers

A Bottle of Wine

There is nothing better than a good quality wine, and it may not fit the budget, but it can easily make someone feel special. 

They are best for congratulating someone for their achievements or a 50th-anniversary gift; a bottle of wine can be enjoyed without considering its expiry date as the right wine improves with age.


Another great gift that always works is a good book! It’s a gift that you can open again and again. However, you need to understand what genre the person prefers before giving them. 

If you think the person does not read much! Then gifting them some biopic or motivational book to start with can be a great idea!


There is one thing that flowers can’t replace, that’s chocolates! Universally loved by everyone, you will find very few people who won’t prefer this sweet treat; if someone doesn’t like it too much, you can give them dark chocolates.

There is something for everyone, flavors, shapes, inscribed and bouquets. Gifting someone a chocolate bouquet is a unique and creative way of making someone happy. 

A Food Box

Food is a language that works better in conveying love and emotions, and gifting someone a customized food box can be a great idea! It can be their favorite pizza, sweet treat, doughnuts, burgers, or anything that can perk that smile. 

Make sure to decorate the box and give them as early as possible to avoid spoiling them. 

Indoor Plants

The simplicity that comes with gifting indoor plants is incomparable. Not just great gifts, they are low maintenance too. Knowing the receiver while gifting them a plant is essential. If your friend is a busy freak, then gifting them water sipping succulents is appropriate, or if you have an attentive friend with an apartment that receives low sunlight, it would be better to give them a shade-tolerant fern.

Gift Cards

If you find it difficult to shop for someone, then gifting them a gift card would be a great way of showing your appreciation. A gift card allows them to purchase anything they want, leaving you without the hassles of dwelling in it. 

Subscription and Memberships

Gifting someone membership or subscription of the things they enjoy or memberships of some hobby they might indulge in. they will love enjoying it and appreciate this gesture. 

Travel Bag and Accessories

If the receiver is interested in traveling with them, it would be useful to give them a traveling bag and accessories. By getting their initials inscribed, you can make it more personalized.

Ticket to an Event

One of the best gifts is providing someone with an experience which they never forget. Gifting them a ticket to an event especially related to their hobby and interest would be highly appreciated. Getting them tickets to a sports event, concerts, music event, and others makes a perfect gift.  

Give Them an Upgraded Version of What They Already Use

If your friend is into cooking, gifting them into bakeware would be useful, likewise upgrading their smartphone or watches is another great idea to go for!


These ideas will help ease your gifting process, especially for those who are choosy and don’t like flowers.

Julie Higgins
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