6 Practical Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. There’s so much to do, and it seems like there simply isn’t enough time.

If you have a friend or family member that’s expecting, why not show your support by giving them a useful gift? Here are six practical gifts for expecting parents.

6 Practical Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents

1. A Good Stroller

The number one thing you can get a parents-to-be is a good stroller. It’s incredibly useful, and they’re bound to use it almost as soon as the baby arrives.

Of course, the stroller you choose should be a high-quality one that’s sturdy, comfortable, and has enough room to carry all the things the parents are going to need when they go for a walk with their baby. Because this is something that they’ll use so often, as the people behind Little Baby Gear have noted, picking the right one is important, and you can search for lists of the best ones on reputable websites so that the decision-making process is easier for you.

It’s also important that they get a stroller that both fits in well with their lifestyle and is compatible with any other equipment they might need to use when pushing the pram, such as car seats for example.

2. Swaddle Blanket

Every parent knows that a swaddle blanket is a must-have for any baby. It’s used as a way to keep them warm and as a method of calming them down when they’re crying.

It’s been proven that babies who have been swaddled can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer, which has a positive effect on their mental and physical health.

Swaddling also helps the baby to feel safe, secure, and comfortable enough to sleep properly. The fabric of the swaddle blanket should be breathable, soft, and high-quality.

Of course, being machine-washable is a must. You can even get them a personalized swaddle blanket with their baby’s name on it.

3. Baby Clothes

Another practical gift for expecting parents is baby clothes. You may think that it’s an obvious one and that a lot of people are going to get them this, but babies grow incredibly fast, which means you can hardly have enough baby clothes.

There are many different options available, including onesies, sleepers, leggings, and bodysuits. You can also get them onesies that have fun messages written on the front or with funny pictures of animals playing instruments or doing something else that’s equally entertaining.

As with the blanket, it’s important that the clothes the baby is going to wear are made out of soft natural fabrics and are designed with their comfort in mind.

4. Baby Carrier

Babies are very comfortable being held in their parent’s arms, but sometimes parents need to be able to use their hands to do things like cook dinner or make a cup of tea, and carrying the baby the whole time isn’t always practical.

What’s more, it can be strenuous holding a baby in your arms for too long. That’s where baby carriers come in. A baby carrier is a safe and easy way to carry your baby with you wherever you go, not just when you’re walking around outside.

They’re available in a variety of styles and materials, so getting a personalized one for your friend or family member is easy.

5. Breastfeeding Pump

This is a highly practical gift, but you should only get it if you know the mother plans to breastfeed the baby. You don’t want to seem like you’re imposing your own beliefs on the family.

Breastfeeding is oftentimes the best way to feed a baby, but it can be really hard work, especially when you’re in public places like shopping malls or cafes.

Having your own breast pump around to make sure you always have some milk ready in the fridge will make breastfeeding much less stressful.

It can also do wonders for the parents’ sleeping schedule since the mother can simply pump some milk out before bed, and take the night off from baby duties while the dad takes over the nightly feeding every once in a while.

6. Air Purifier

The air around a baby is very important because they’re still developing their immune system. Lots of different factors can come into play that affects the quality of this air, including dust, pet hairs, and other allergens.

Getting them an air purifier will make sure they have nothing but clean, fresh-smelling air to breathe in. The machine should be easy to use and maintain, and it doesn’t need to be loud or distracting since babies sleep a lot.

This is something a lot of people don’t consider straight away, so if you’re looking for a practical and unique gift, this is a perfect choice.

Pregnancy and having a baby is an exciting time for everyone, but it’s also stressful because of all the preparations that have to be made in order for the new family member to feel welcome.

Letting expecting parents know that you’re there for them during this transition by picking out gifts that will help them along the way is a very sweet gesture.

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