The Best Vision Board Ideas and Printables to Start 2022 on the Right Note

Who doesn’t love a fresh start, we certainly do!

It’s the perfect excuse to start planning and visualizing what you want the next year to look like.

In this post, we will help you to achieve just that, with perfectly planned vision board.

(PS: If you already know what you’re inlcuding on your vision board, scroll down lower for our 4 free vision board printable planners that will help you to get started)

Best Vision Board Ideas

What are Vision Boards?

Vision boards are collections of different images, quotes, graphics and goals collected on one board, with the idea of using this board for your daily visualisation and as an everyday reminder of your goal.

There’s no one perfect way to craft a vision board and yours will be always unique to you and the goals you’re trying to achieve.

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Each goal on the vision board is represented by a visual cue, and can be grouped together with other goals. You can have also dedicated vision boards for your business, your health, your mental health and so on… the possibilities are endless.

Vision boards are not just for goals but also for encouraging words that will keep you motivated for the whole year. If you have a quote that strongly resonates with you, it should be definitely on your vision board.

And that brings us to…

Best Vision Board Ideas

Why Should You Make a Vision Board?

Visualisation are a powerful practice that can transform your life, but it’s not just wishful thinking as a lot of people presume. Visualisations help you align your mindset with your goals and if they’re done in the morning, they help you start the day with the right frame of mind to achieve everything you need.

Vision boards are a tool commonly used for visualisations, as a reference point to help you focus your mind on the vision you’re trying to create for your life.

If you feel like your goals and focus is all over the place, creating a clear goal structure – that means written goals – along with vision board is the right way to get back on track.

What to Include: Vision Board Ideas

Your vision board can consist of a several different things, depending on what works best for you and how did you define your goals.

Here are a few vision board ideas for items to include:

  • Printables – you can get custom designed printables specifically for vision boards (just like the ones we linked below), and they come in all sizes, colors and styles – from goal planners, quotes to goal trackers.
  • Quote Cards – simple powerful quote on display is a great way to remind yourself to keep pursuing your goals every day
  • Inspirational places – if you have certain places you want to visit, or some place that evoke certain positive feelings in you, feel free to include them on your vision board
  • Positive words and phrases – encouraging words and simple phrases are a must for any vision board
  • Reminders – these could be simple words that you tell yourself and that are personal to you, such as ‘I will never give up’ or similar
  • Family Photos – a photo of your family will instantly lift your mood, so it certainly belongs also on your vision board
  • Goal Tracker – perfect for accountability and monitoring your progress
Best Vision Board Ideas

How to Style Your Vision Board

Some people prefer to have a signature style for their vision board, such as monochrome graphics and perfectly aligned images, others like it to look more scattered and multi-colored.

There is no right or wrong way to style your vision board, you just need to make sure that the visual presentation appeals to you and reflects the colors that invoke posivite feelings.

Play with the layout and color options until you find something that’s aesthetically pleasing but also speaks to you personally.

Best Vision Board Ideas

Where to Display Vision Board

Vision board should be displayed somewhere you spend a lot of time and can see it every day.

Ideally, if you have a home office, it can be placed on the wall in front of you or in the corner of your bedroom that you use for work.

If you don’t work from home, you can place it in your kitchen or bedroom, where it will serve as a reminder and each glance will encourage you to do something about your goals every day.

Your office desk at work or your place of work could be also great to display a mini version of your vision board. If that’s not possible, carry a photo of your vision board on your phone, or a printed photo in your diary, so you can refer to it anytime during the day.

Best Vision Board Ideas

Vision Board Ideas: Free Printables

Are you not sure where to start?

There are so many vision board ideas to choose from, but what should be the starting point?

Clarifying your goals, of course!

And there isn’t an easier and better way to do that then with a simple planner printable.

We have designed a small collection of simple vision board planners to help you gain clarify about your goals and hopes for the year, before you start collecting and assembling items for your vision board.

These are available in A4 or standard US Letter size as a free download – editable versions are coming soon to our new shop.

Pastel Colored 2022 Vision Board Printable

Download here in A4 Size

Download here in US Letter Size

vision board ideas - planner and printable for vision board

Minimalist 2022 Goal Digger Printable – Vision Board Planner

Download here in A4 Size

Download here in US Letter Size

vision board ideas printable

Vision Board Planner Goal Digger in Neutral Colours for 2022

Download here in A4 Size

Download here in US Letter Size

vision board ideas - planner and printable for vision board

Minimalist 2022 Vision Board Planner Printable

Download here in A4 Size

Download here in US Letter Size

vision board ideas - planner and printable for vision board

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