The Best Gifts That You Could Give to a One-Year-Old

Celebrating a child’s first birthday is a momentous occasion, especially for the family members. A celebration of a baby that, just months ago, had problems supporting its head but is now growing into its own person.

Some may argue that throwing a party or giving gifts to a one-year-old is pointless. Because they have no idea what is happening and will not recall the event as they grow older.

Gifts given to a child are crucial and should be given time to think about before buying. It would be best to consider that everything that a child is exposed to affects their perceptions and character as they grow up.

A list is given below to help you choose the best brain-stimulating gift ideas for a one-year-old.

The Best Gifts That You Could Give to a One-Year-Old

Toys with Wheels

Toys with wheels are one of the best birthday present ideas you can have. A wheeled toy that they can ride on and move with their legs will assist them in walking while also providing a joyful and fun experience for the baby.

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle or driven a car for the first time, you’ll understand the sense of freedom that this machine brings.

The same idea applies to children: allowing them to experience a small amount of freedom will help them develop a sense of responsibility that will benefit them as they grow older.

Stuffed Toys

There is a handful to choose from for good gifts in the market. Keep in mind that children, especially one-year-olds, require constant support and comfort.

It means that you should consider giving them a cuddly companion, something that they may use as a pillow and also regard as a friend who can help them develop their communication skills.

Stuffed toys have a variety of forms and sizes. From animals, mythical creatures, cartoon characters, and many more, stuffed toys are made in a way that is appealing to baby’s eyes.

The most popular stuffed toy is the Teddy Bear. It was used in the movie and series of Mr. Bean as his friend and companion.

Musical Toys

Consider buying a musical toy if you think of giving a gift that will develop a child’s creativeness and language development.

Like the stuffed toys, this one also comes in different forms but has an almost identical function: playing joyful and childish sounds whenever its button is pressed.

A child’s musical toy can also help parents soothe or calm a wailing newborn. Music can also help a baby go asleep faster in most cases since it reduces stress levels, making the baby feel more relaxed.

Furthermore, music helps a baby’s concentration, which impacts their cognition and productivity.

Alphabet and Numeric Cards

A child needs to be exposed to the ABCs and numbers at a young age. Exposing a child to these fundamental concepts will make it easier for them to learn as they get older.

This brain-stimulating toy¬†helps in the formation of the baby’s memorization skills and speech.

The baby may play with these at the age of one year. However, keep in mind that they are still babies, so choose flashcards that appeal to their eyes.

Choose something with pictures and various colors; this will help the toddler learn more efficiently.

Shape Sorters

Solving puzzles, such as a shape sorting cube, improves critical thinking, problem-solving, patience, and a variety of other skills.

Exposure to this concept at a young age will benefit a child as they grow older. It also offers a youngster a sense of achievement when all of the shapes are inside the cube, and the puzzle is completed, which will build their confidence to learn new skills.

Sports-related Toys

We all know what exercise does for our health. A person can keep a healthy body by going for a jog, joining a local gym, or participating in sports.

A smart option is to expose a child to sports-related toys, such as small basketballs, footballs, and other similar items. Early exposure to them will shape a child’s attitude toward exercise.

Allowing a child to shoot a ball or score a soccer goal and then praising them afterward will instill a sense of accomplishment in them. As a result, the child will be more motivated to develop his talents at whatever he is doing.

When the child gets older, participating in sports will significantly benefit them in terms of physical strength and discipline, teamwork, and more.

Textured Squishy Balls

A baby will always be fascinated with playing with balls.

The problem is that their hands are still too weak and tiny to pick up and grip an ordinary ball, causing frustration in the child.

A textured one will help them grip and hold the ball properly, and the added squishiness will strengthen their strength and prevent accidents when they begin throwing the ball.


Let’s face it, babies look adorable in their costumes.

Baby girls enjoy dressing up as princesses the majority of the time. On the other hand, boys enjoy dressing up in superhero costumes and pretending to be one.

A toddler will benefit from costumes to try out new ideas and be creative with them. It will also be easier for a child to make friends if they appear likable.

To make your gift extra special, get something associated with the costume. For instance, a web shooter for a spider-man costume or a set of teacups for a princess costume.

If you really have the budget, you can also buy one for yourself and play with the kid. These additional gifts will help the child maximize their experience of role-playing their worn costume.


Always think about who you’re buying a gift for before you go out and get it. Giving a gift for a baby’s first birthday should be planned ahead of time.

Being a child is a formative period in one’s life; everything exposed to a baby shapes their character as they get older. It is why it’s always a good idea to give them something that will stimulate their small minds.

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