5 Fantastic Kids Party Ideas for a Medieval Birthday

Moms often want the best for their kids, and they won’t settle for anything less. This is true, especially for birthday parties. Celebrating your child’s milestone can only ever be complete if you throw a party that’s one for the books.

Most birthday parties have a theme that makes them exciting. While the pretty common ones, like Disney Princess, unicorns, and the like, are the trend, you can take your birthday parties to another level by choosing a unique theme.

Think medieval, for example. You can take advantage of amazing opportunities to dress your kid as a medieval princess in glamorous clothes or a knight out to save his damsel in distress.

The decorations can be a blast too. Imagine a castle backdrop with mysterious wizards and brave knights. Want some fantastic ideas to get the knightly party rolling?

We’ve gathered some of the best for you to get started.

5 Fantastic Kids Party Ideas for a Medieval Birthday

Start with the Invitation

Forget about the conventional invitations in pretty paper. Why not go for scrolls using scrapbooking paper? This will really set the vibe right from the start as you hand out the invitation to your kids’ friends.

Suppose you don’t feel like printing out a physical invite. In that case, you can always design one or commission a designer for the perfect virtual invitation that incorporates the concept of a scroll.

Or you can go for other design concepts like a castle cutout.

Time to Dress Up

The little guests will enjoy the party if they feel like they’re a part of it. Encourage them to wear medieval costumes of their choice.

They’ll be thrilled to dress up as their favorite medieval characters, whether they go for a princess, knight, or wizard.

Make it even more fun by allowing them to wear crowns, or even better, let them make their own. For the ladies, flower crowns using fabric flowers will be perfect to complete their medieval princess look.

The boys can also fashion their own swords using paper or cardboard.

So parents of attendees won’t forget, you should make sure to include costume ideas in your invitation. They will know beforehand and can prepare in advance.

If the parents are also part of the party, it makes sense to ask them to dress up. They can look for ready-made medieval clothes online or alter medieval-like dresses they already have.

Prepare a Medieval Feast

Food is the most crucial part of every party, especially when it comes to a kids’ birthday bash. The hungry little knights will take delight in a royal banquet with kid-friendly treats.

While most medieval dishes lean heavily toward game meat, dried food, and vegetables, kids have different appetites.

Think of roast turkey on a platter, rotisserie chicken with potatoes, baskets of bread rolls, brown pears, and grapes in metal cups. You can also opt for pizza, sandwiches on skewers, and cheese bites shaped like swords.

You can commission a customized cake with a medieval theme for cakes and treats. The best ones can be medieval castle cakes and medieval-inspired cupcakes.

You can add multicolored jelly beans that can pass as dragon eggs or cookies designed with various coats of arms, knights, or dragons.

You don’t have to prepare everything yourself. Some restaurants allow you to get orders in bulk. It is only a matter of finding one that works best for you.

Turn the Venue into a Medieval Setting

You’d want to set the venue for a truly medieval feel. Start with a banner that simulates medieval heraldic flags.

Decorate the tables with knight-themed placemats. You can look for medieval-inspired party plates and child-sized goblets that kids will truly enjoy using, allowing them to feel like knights.

Table napkins can also help enhance the vibe. You can go for customizable cotton and linen napkins to complete the look. Decorate the place with swords, helmets, and banners to level up the look. You can dress up a table for party favors.

Make it fun by including medieval artifacts, such as swords, crowns, goblets, stamps, and castle bags.

If you have the time and resources, you can quickly look up tutorial videos online to craft your own party decorations from simple materials, such as cardboard cutouts, foam stickers, and crayons.

Otherwise, you may opt for the easy route—ordering ready-made party decorations.

Arrange for Fun Medieval Games

The little knights and princesses can then participate in the most exciting part of the birthday bash—the games! It must be fitting for the medieval theme.

The energetic little knights will have a ball playing Royal Relay. This is where the guests can enjoy a relay race where the boys and girls separate into two teams.

One member from each group will race to put on their costume and run back to their teams to get the next in line to repeat the process until all the members have done so.

The process will make the kids test their agility and quick thinking as each wears the costume, runs to the designated spot, removes the outfit, and lets the next one do the same.

You can also bring in the classic piñata, maybe something designed as a dragon. The birthday boy or girl can then slay it with the piñata stick. Whatever game you can think of, make sure to stay true to the theme and make it worth their while.

Wrapping It Up

As a mom, you want to make your child’s birthday magical and unforgettable. A knight-themed party is one of the best ways to do so.

These ideas can help you get started. What are you waiting for?

Roll up your sleeves and brave through the whole thing, allowing your creative spirit to shine through every step of the way.

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