5 Hacks for Organizing Your Closet Fast

It is not a secret that probably every woman dreams of a large closet to hold all her shoes, clothes, and accessories. 

The size of a studio would be the best and optimal solution, where you would be able to fit all of your favorite things and organize a pret-a-porter with your friends. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Is it possible for this dream to come true?

If you have a bigger home, a large closet is an easy option for you. But when your home is not that big, organizing your clothes and having a decent size closet is a bit of a challenge? That’s why we have selected some great tips and hacks to organize your closet fast no matter how big it is.

5 Hacks for Organizing Your Closet Fast 1

1. Declutter All Excess Items

Don’t turn your closet into a place to store unnecessary things just because you don’t need them right now or think you would wear them next season.

Plan a reorganization of the cabinets to better optimize the space. The best you can do is to take everything out and carefully inspect all the items. 

Consider when was the last time you have worn the piece of clothing, whether you still like it or not, and whether it still fits. After that, you make a decision and put it in one of three piles: for charity – to throw away – to keep. 

2. Plan

Good planning can help you get the most out of the space you have. Shelves, hangers, boxes, and drawers will help you a lot in organizing your closet. 

It’s a good idea to know in advance which things you use often and which you don’t and organizes your closet in a way that makes most used items easily accessible.

Add drawers for small items. If you do not have drawers, use baskets or boxes. Position drawers should be below eye level for an easier collection of things. The other option is to put them on the lower shelves, where you will easily find them.

If you have a larger closet, define your zones on a seasonal basis, and if you are forced to take into account a small space, place them on two levels, putting the things you use in the current season on the first one. 

You can use Lifewit clothes storage bags for all items and clothes off the season and place them on the top of your closet. 

3. Make the Most of the Small Space

Use every part of your closet to use the optimal space. Cabinets above the door are a great idea for shoes and belts – things that unnecessarily take up space in the wardrobe. 

Storage baskets such as Lifewit drawer underwear organizer on the lower shelf provide a great opportunity to store things that you can not put on the shelves, such as socks and underwear. 

In the corners, you can easily put a basket for umbrellas. And you can put your hats on the door of the closet.

To save a little more space when organizing your wardrobe, pay attention to the arrangement of the hangers. With a few simple tricks, you will be surprised how many things you can fit, even if it seemed impossible

4. Group 

Sort your clothes by type: jeans with jeans, T-shirts with tank tops, blouses with sleeves and sweaters, etc. 

Put the clothes you use most often on the middle shelves, at eye level.

Leave some space between the shelf and the clothes lined up on it. 

That way you will be able to scan the items easily without making a mess anytime you want to take the T-shirt from the bottom. 

In the space with two levels for hanging, place the shorter clothes on the upper rod and place clothes with a longer length on the lower one. 

Use the space under them to store shoes or boxes for storing old things.

Organize the clothes into categories and divide them with labels; The more specific categories you have, the better. 

For example, you can separate short-sleeved shirts from long-sleeved ones, or create an elegant and casual style when arranging your clothes. 

Arrange the clothes by color within the category, so you can easily find your way around when choosing them.

5. Movable Rod for Hangers

The movable rod for hangers in the closet provides easy access to the clothes of your choice. 

The metal rod can be used not only when organizing clothes on two levels, but also when you want to distribute your clothes thematically. 

In addition, it will be much easier to reach them, especially if you are not too tall.

Keep your scarves, accessories, bags, and jewelry on hangers so you can match them to your clothes easily.

Use high-quality boxes to store small things. Whether you need space for belts, scarves, hats, or other small items, stylized boxes provide the perfect place for small items that will be in place and scattered around. 

Small door hooks are also a quick and easy option for hanging a bag, scarf, jacket, or other antique accessories.

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