38 Spooktacular Ideas for Planning a Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Halloween is a night of ghosts, funny tricks, and tasty devilish treats. However, who stated that the fun is only meant to be had once a year?

Imagine blending some spooky aura associated with Halloween and the anticipation of a newborn baby.

Having a Halloween themed baby shower is a great way to come up with the most enthralling event your guests will be looking forward to attending.

Now let’s look at how this cute and bewitching idea can be implemented!

1. Centerpiece of the Room & A Place for Pictures

Halloween baby shower theme


2. Mummy-to-Be

Halloween baby shower theme


3. Elegant Pregnant Witch Cake Topper

Halloween baby shower theme


4. A Baby Brewing Garland

Halloween baby shower theme 4


5. Fun Baby Shower Game

Halloween baby shower theme 5


6. Halloween Baby Shower Cookies

Halloween baby shower theme 6


7. Mommy, Daddy and Baby Pumpkins Decorations

Halloween baby shower theme 7


8. Baby Boo Cookies

Halloween baby shower theme 8


9. Skeleton Hands Invitations

Halloween baby shower theme 9


10. Mummy To Be Black Bow Badge

Halloween baby shower theme 10


11. Bump in the Night. The Sweetest Skeleton Reveal!

Halloween baby shower theme 11


12. Halloween Pumpkins with a Pacifier

Halloween baby shower theme 12


13. Diaper Doodles Game

Halloween baby shower theme 13


14. Baby Making Potion for the Guests

Halloween baby shower theme 14


15. Cute Baby Pumpkin

Halloween baby shower theme 15


16. Little Pumpkin Cake

Halloween baby shower theme 16


17. Pumpkin Family

Halloween baby shower theme 17


18. Little Nightmare Cake

Halloween baby shower theme 18


19. Food Arranging Ideas

Halloween baby shower theme 19


20. Diaper Pong Game

Halloween baby shower theme 20


21. Wickedly Cute Party Favors

Halloween baby shower theme


22. Sweet & Spooky

Halloween baby shower theme 22


23. Candy Corn Baby Bottle Party Favors

Halloween baby shower theme 23


24. Chic Halloween Themed Baby Shower Idea

Halloween baby shower theme 24 1


25. Ghostly Glamour Baby Shower Arch

Halloween baby shower theme 25


26. Boo-zy Bottles

Halloween baby shower theme 26


27. Ice Ice Baby !

Halloween baby shower theme 27


28. Little Pumpkin on the Way

Halloween baby shower theme 28


29. Creep it Real

Halloween baby shower theme 29


30. A Cute Area for Taking Pictures with Your Guests

Halloween baby shower theme 30


31. Spooky and Cute Baby Shower Invites

Halloween baby shower theme 31 1


32. Halloween Diaper Challenge

Halloween baby shower theme 32


33. Trick or Treat – Baby Feet

Halloween baby shower theme 33


34. Costume Idea

Halloween baby shower theme 34


35. Pop it When It Pops Party Favors

Halloween baby shower theme 35


36. Onesies, Treats, and Spooky Fun!

Halloween baby shower theme 36


37. Spooky Sweetness

Halloween baby shower theme 37


38. Little Zombies on the Way!

Halloween baby shower theme 38


Invitations and décor

How about inviting guests with gruesome flair?

Begin by mailing out invitations that let people know there is going to be an air of haunting around the place.

Consider old-fashion Halloween greeting cards that depict pumpkins, witches and black cats, or cards with ultrasound pictures in Halloween theme pictures.

Add witty phrases such as “Join us for a Boo-tiful Baby Shower” or “We’re Brewing Up Something Special! It draws people to the theme.

Transforming the Venue

Transform your house or the venue where the event is going to be into a spooky place for Halloween. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Color Scheme: The colors should be in the traditional Halloween palette such as black, orange and purple. A tint of silver or gold will also be well incorporated to give a class boast.
  • Pumpkins: Jack ‘Pumpkins with baby themed carving.
  • Spider Webs and Skeletons: Use plaids and webs to cover the furniture. Hang sheets, skeletons and bats from the ceiling.
  • Candles and Fairy Lights: Blow out candles and light up a lot of tealights. Also put on fairy lights to set the atmosphere for the wizards.
  • Baby-themed Halloween Items: You can include things like miniature witch’s hats, nightgowns with printings of pumpkins and ghosts, baby’s bibs, pacifiers in the form of plastic cauldrons.

Wickedly Wonderful Treats

It’s impossible to host a party and not have delectable food. Halloween themed baby shower offers a versatile setting where you can indulge.

Consider these spooky yet scrumptious options:

  • Pumpkin-shaped Cheese Ball: Form a cheeses ball that resembles a pumpkin with a mini pretzel stick embedded on the top part.
  • Mummy Hot Dogs: Encourage kids to make hot dog mummies by wrapping them in crescent roll dough and send the blood red ketchup sauce to complete the dish.
  • Ghostly Cupcakes: Decorate them with white frosting, then outline them with black icing to look like ghosts.
  • Witch’s Brew Punch: Make a green or purple punch and pour it into a giant cauldron. Serve it with dry ice to create some witchy feel.
  • Candy Buffet: Arrange a couple of jars with Halloween candies around the table.

Bewitching Beverages

For the adults, ensure that there is a variety of cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages with various specializations.

Some ideas include:

  • Black Magic Margaritas: Black food coloring makes these margaritas more fitting for Halloween.
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Yes, this is non-alcoholic one and it is perfect fit or more appropriate to say it matches perfectly with the fall season.
  • Spooky Sangria: Blackcurrant red wine, some fruits with a touch of soda and the glass topped with gummy worms.

Monster Mash Games

Keep guests entertained with games that are both fun and fitting for the theme:

  • Pumpkin Painting: Arrange to have pumpkins available and provide the necessary paint and brushes so guests can paint their own little pumpkins.
  • Guess the Baby Item: Place containers filled with small baby items and let the guests guess which items are in the cauldron using their hands only.
  • Halloween Bingo: Several bingo cards should be prepared and they should not be the traditional ones with numbers instead, they should depict Halloween pictures.
  • Mummy Wrap: Split the guests into teams and then have them cover one of those teammates in toilet paper like a mummy. Well the winner is the mummy that is wrapped quicker and of course the tightest one.

Crafty Activities

Encourage creativity with craft activities that guests can take home as mementos:

  • Onesie Decorating: Have simple onesies for guests to personalize and fabric paint or permanent markers for drawing.
  • Wreath Making: Include additional items that may be used to create Halloween-themed wreaths like black and orange ribbon, plastic spiders, miniature pumpkins, and others.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with party favors that remind them of the spooky fun they had:

  • Mini Pumpkin Plants: Small jars with baby pumpkin seeds that everyone can bring home and grow into garden specimens.
  • Custom Cookies: Two cookies with Halloween design and a small message in the center, packed in cellophane with ribbon around it.
  • Scented Candles: Candles with fall fragrances like pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon with a message that reads: “Thank you for making our baby shower deliriously fantastic!”

Costumes and Attire

Have fun and ask your guests to wear costumes so that everyone gets part of the spooky atmosphere. Here are some costume ideas:

  • Expecting Mom: Of course, costumes appropriate for the mother carrying a child include costumes that draw attention to the baby belly such as a pumpkin belly costume or the ‘bun in the oven’. This will not only make you the main point of focus but also incorporates the baby theme without any hitch.
  • Dad: A costume with vampire fangs could be the perfect outfit for a spooky look.
  • Guests: Witches and wizards or ghosts and goblins, the choices are limitless.

A Boo-tiful Bash

A Halloween baby shower is one of the best and creative ways of celebrating the arrival of a child with fun mostly associated with a spooky theme.

Halloween party props and design, Halloween treats, games, and party favors that can be purchased or made yourself are all the various elements which can be used to create the desired spooky or enchanting Halloween experience during the party.

So grab your ghouls and goblins and be prepared to celebrate the arrival of your newborn with a to-die-for Halloween party that will not soon be forgotten by all the witches and wizards that will be arriving at the bash.

Hope you find many creative ideas for spooktacular Halloween celebrations and loads of inspiration for your baby shower.

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