Home remedies for Pest bite allergy


Most of the Insect bites are harmless but some bites cause dangerous bites because the pest gets attracted to the human blood smell.  The bites create allergy and swollen, itchiness, after some hours.

If you spot any allergy symptoms like breathing difficulty, swollen contact your doctor immediately.

Keep cream or ointments in your home to use instantly to treat the itchiness and reddish patches.

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Remedy 1: Oatmeal with Honey

Oatmeal can treat the itching and swelling instantly and reduce the irritation.

Take well-boiled oatmeal in a bowl and mix with the few drops of honey and make it as a thick paste

Apply it on the skin where you have itching feel and gently rub it for 5 minutes. Then wipe the area with the clean cloth.

Remedy 2. Crushed ice cubes

Treating the area with ice-cubes reduces the inflammation. This gives immediate relief for the pest bite and relieves the itching feel.

Crush the ice cubes with the help of harmer or any strong metals, applying the whole cube will result in damaging the skin.

Remedy 3. Almond Honey scrub

Almond and honey scrub have a rich antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that is the best home remedy for pest bites and allergies.

Grind the almond nuts like a scrub and mix with the honey and make it as a fine paste.

Clean the skin area with the wet cloth and apply directly to the skin to reduce the itching. The sticky paste is good for inflammation.

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Remedy 4. Aloe Vera Gel

Mostly everyone has an Aloe Vera plants in their home as a household plant, it has a huge number of medical uses. The aloe Vera is good for all wounds and it is the anti-inflammatory for all kinds of pest bites. Applying a gel immediately on the affected area immediately heal all kinds of bite.

Remedy 5. Baking soda

Everyone has baking soda in their kitchen as an ingredient. Baking soda has various use like cleaning.

Mix a small quantity of baking soda with water and create it as a fine paste. Apply it on the insect bitted area, leave it for 5 minutes and wash it.

Remedy 6. Basil Plant

The smell from the basil plant keeps pests away from your home are. So, try to plant more basil plants around your home.

Studies suggest a basis for skin itchiness and allergies.

Boil water in high flame and put basil leaves in the boiling water.

After cooling, dip a cotton cloth into the liquid and rub it gently on the pest bites.

You can also straightly rub the fresh leaves on the infected area.

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Remedy 7. Onion juice

Onion not only for cooking it also brings better relief for pest infection.  The fresh juice from the onion can immediately reduce the irritation on the skin. Onion naturally has antifungal properties, so you can use it to treat insect bites.

 Cut the onion to the dices and apply it directly on the skin and leave it for sometimes then rinse well to remove the onion smell.

For professional pest control services and more tips visit your local pest experts.

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