Yes, you read right – this article aims to provide women with advice to buying their man an engagement ring.

Often such advice is aimed at men as they traditionally propose to the woman.

However, men’s rings appeared much earlier than women’s rings in the history of humanity.

And nowadays we find a trend of men enjoying wearing rings more, so why not wear an engagement ring? The proposal will be on the woman though.

Engagement rings symbolize the commitment of two hearts and their unlimited love for each other.

Both spouses will happily wear this symbol, but might have differing preferences in styles and designs. “Usually, brides prefer more glamorous, feminine jewellery, whereas grooms like rings that are simpler and practical.” according to Hannah, owner of Ovadia Jewellery in London’s jewellery quarter Hatton Garden.

This is reflected in their selection of engagement rings for men as you can see below.

So, what are the options and where to start?

Which metal suits him best?

If your man already wears jewellery, the engagement ring can be of a similar material to go well with it or to combine it.

But, what to do when the engagement ring is the first accessory in the life of the partner?

Tough and durable metals will appeal to any man. Silver and platinum are popular metals among younger generations. Low-key colour is combined with different outfits of men’s wardrobes.

The older generation prefers gold to other metals, opting for more traditional styles.

To make sure you identify the right metal for his engagement ring, visiting a jewellery shop and feeling the metals might help you as well as getting some expert advice face to face.

What to consider before buying the ring?

Buying an engagement ring is a big step and should be taken with much consideration, especially if spending a rather high amount of money on it. The love symbol will accompany your spouse throughout his life.

Various polls among the male population showed the main criteria by which grooms would choose an engagement ring are fundamentally different from women, so think about the following carefully: 

1. Convenience: The ring should fit well, shouldn’t rub and not interfere with work, especially if he’s a hands-on man.

2. Cost: Men usually try to spend less and choose a simple ring compared to women who will not shy away from going all out for an eternal symbol of love. Keep an eye on your budget.

3. Design: Simplicity is key for any men when it comes to jewellery. They may not fancy precious stones as much, but rather original styles.

Should your and his engagement ring match?

According to wedding traditions, both engagement rings should ideally look similar. Identical jewellery symbolizes the unity of a young family, complementing each other.

However, there’s no rule and you should both opt for the ring you love the most. Matching metals or stones could be a possible compromise. The bride and groom can also discuss these two aspects: metal and colour of decoration.

According to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry & Engagement Study, the most popular center stones for engagement rings are diamonds, making up 83% of all decorating stones.

A possible combination could be a golden and traditional diamond ring for the bride and a gem in titanium for the groom. Show your imagination and get more inspiration from some diamond jewellery ideas before deciding! Or come to the your local Jewellery shop for an engagement ring consultation.


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