Advantages of DHI hair Transplantation

DHI- The newest method in hair transplantation that is effective for hair implanting method. This method of implanting procedure is simplest form when compared to the old traditional methods.

Our aim to highlight the advantages of DHI method, how it works, and the comparison of the results and feedback with other hair transplantation technique.

In DHI with the help of Choi pens they directly embed the extracted hair follicles in to receipt area. It combines the process of extraction and plantation in to same process so there is no need of division of receipt areas.

The choi pens looks like a hollow needle that connect the device used in implantation process.

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Advantages of DHI hair Transplantation

DHI transplantation is a complete pain relief method of hair implantation, you will no feel any pains longer during the process of hair transplantation.

As a sequence, you will feel more comfortable and extremely no pain on hair transplant process.

Hair transplants are mostly considered as a pain-free process and this new method of DHI procedure will help our patients who suffer from extreme hair loss and for persons who undergo the hair re-grow procedure. The pain level is very low at the starting stage and eliminated at the end of the treatment.

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Sedation is the process to attain to sleep by giving a selective sedative drug and monitoring the depth of sleep. The amount of drug will vary to the patients depends on their age and how long the treatment to be continued.

Why to Receive Sedation?

Sedation is the efficient process and safest for all patient even for young children and as we already described in first it attains patients to sleep and gives a zero-pain treatment.

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The DHI method procedure

  1. In a DHI hair transplant procedure, the surgeon implants the harvested grafts of hair in to the implanter pen
  2. The graft is inserted gently to the pens within the hollow of needle, which is placed at the end of the implanter pen, to be handled by the special physician or surgeon.
  3. The needle is inserted to the DHI pen at an angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp of the patients by the physician,
  4. once the incision site is made and then now implant the graft is by pressing down the DHI pen on the plunger.
  5. During this procedure, normally the surgeon uses 3-6 Choi implanters and 10-15 for the collection of follicle hair and it comes in the variety of sizes.
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The main positives things in DHI Technique

The main advantages of DHI technique are stated by the experts who got the hair restoration.

Saves time: Reduce the time of grafts and this ensure the correct placement of the collected grafts to the receipt area.

Reduce Bleeding: It reduces bleeding during the collection of grafts from the donor place and same this leads to less damage in the implanted area.

Fast Recovery: The patient can recover soon and back to the normal routine work within 3 days.

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