How to Choose The Best Lights for Your Home

Choosing a good LED light is an essential step that you really need to take your time to do it, there are a lot of options in the market.

Technology has improved in the last few years and with it the lights improved as well, so if you want to choose the correct LED light you must consider some factors before buying them.

How to Choose The Best Lights for Your Home

Different types of LED lights

There are different types of LED lights, UFO lights, Linear Lights, Outdoor Lights and many others. To choose the right one, you need to know for what purpose you need the lights.

UFO and Linear lights are the most recommended lights for warehouses. There are also outdoor lights that work with photocells from dusk to dawn.

Temperature Color

Choosing the right color of the light can make a major difference in the light appearance.

  • A warm yellow-white light is considered at low degree kelvin (2700Kelvin). Warm lights indicate warmth and inviting gesture due to which they are mostly used in living rooms and also in bedrooms.
  • A neutral-white light (3500Kelvin) is used in almost every room as it is neutral. This type of light is mostly used in office/workplaces. These LEDs can also be used in light emitting panels and are mostly used in workplaces/offices.
  • Cooler color light (4100-5000Kelvin) is mostly used in bathrooms, kitchens and some work spaces.
  • Daylight white color (6500Kelvin) can be used for spot lighting. This is because spot lighting requires more white color which represents the natural daylight. Other than spot lighting, these are also used in LED panels, task lightings and many industrial applications.


Before buying, check the number of lumens directly written across from the brightness level on the lights label. The wattage values mentioned on the package are basically written to give an estimation.

So, remember to check for the lumens of the light and not the wattage which indicates the brightness level of the light.

LEDs are Diverse and Flexible

Best LED lights for warehouse systems are flexible. They help warehouse owners and managers control the lighting system and save energy. Advanced LED systems let you control and access fixtures in hard to reach areas of your warehouse. You can configure, schedule, and task-tune them without moving around your warehouse.

LED systems also have motion sensor lighting. This means the system will automatically turn off a warehouse’s lights when there’s no activity. Other features include automatic brightness adjustment based on the time of day.

LEDs can be Dimmable

LED lights can be adjusted to any level of power capacity consumption on a scale of zero to 100. Therefore, if you do not want your living room lit in full, you could lower your LED lights to a half-lit or quarter lit level and enjoy a dimmer lighting environment.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights require far less energy than other light types and are therefore one of the most efficient lighting options on the market.

Compared to fluorescent lights, sodium lights and incandescent lights, LEDs consistently outperform all the competition in terms of longevity, energy conservation and illumination quality.

All of these advantages make LEDs the most economical and practical of lighting options for home, buildings and workspaces.


Unlike other lights, LEDs do not burn out; they progressively dim over time. LEDs are considered to be at the end of their life when light output drops below 70% of its initial brightness at purchase.

Traditional lights have a shorter lifespan than LEDs. Incandescent lights may last 1.000 hours, where a halogen light could last as long as 2.000-4.000 hours. LEDs are rated to maintain their initial brightness for 10.000-25.000 hours.

If you have a light that is difficult to replace because it’s installed in a hard to reach spot, you may want to consider replacing it sooner, rather than later. You won’t have to replace it for years.

The number of lights that you will need it really depends on the space that you have, we recommend you to ask us if you need help with that, we can offer you the best LED lights on the market and at the best price.

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