How to Properly Take Care of Coffee Makers so They Can Last a Long Time?

Today in homes across the world, the idea of brewing coffee at home has become very popular. This can be attributed to the fact that making coffee with various types of brewers is way faster and less expensive when compared to buying them from coffee shops.

Coffee makers work best when they are taken care of properly so that they can last for a very long time. Some of the key things to consider when taking care of coffee makers include:

How to Properly Take Care of Coffee Makers so They Can Last a Long Time

Clean Your Coffee Maker regularly

It is important to clean your coffee maker regularly so that residue does not start to build up and affect the taste of the coffee you drink every day.

Especially for those new Chemex owners out there. It is recommended you use natural products like salt and water for your chemex cleaning after each use.

Do not use abrasive products on the filter and the Chemex as this will simply scratch it and make it look ugly. 

Do not let any residue build-up in the filter basket or on the glass itself because this could affect the taste of future brews. 

Use A Vinegar Solution To Clean Once Every Week.

The coffee maker is a device that brews coffee. When you use it, there are many ways to clean it, but the solution of vinegar and water must be used one time every week.

This method is very easy to apply, costs almost nothing, makes your coffee maker last longer as well as ensures a healthy coffee to drink. To clean, add water and vinegar in a container together and mix them well.  You can add this directly into the reservoir and turn on the machine for about five minutes so that it cleans the inside.

Also, if you have a carafe or glass pot on your coffee maker, make sure that this is cleaned at least once every few weeks with the vinegar solution as well to avoid any residue building up.

After cleaning it with this solution, rinse out both reservoirs thoroughly so there are no traces of vinegar left before adding fresh, cold water.

Turn it on and run about one cycle through to ensure that all of the machines are clean, including the carafe if applicable to your machine.

Before using your coffee maker for the first time after cleaning it, make sure you run it through with cold water only before making any coffee to rinse out all the solutions used in this step.

Use Filtered Water

When you use a coffee maker, it is important to use filtered water. For most people with hard tap water, this means buying a pitcher or carafe-style filter with a built-in cartridge that filters out chlorine and any other impurities from the water. This will make sure your machine stays clean and ensures better-tasting coffee every time. 

For those of you using a coffee maker with a built-in water filter, the manufacturer will provide specific instructions for keeping this type of machine clean.

However, if your machine does not have one of these filters, then it is highly recommended to use filtered water instead.

Use A Bottle Brush To Clean Out Any Hard-To-Reach Areas 

For areas that are hard to clean with water, a bottle brush is a good option. Make sure you brush them thoroughly.

The pot can be cleaned with dish soap, but make sure it’s rinsed thoroughly to get rid of any soap residue. Any residues will end up in the coffee and taste bad, so it’s important to get rid of all the soap.

Then fill up both reservoirs with fresh cold water and run one cycle through with only water to make sure you rinse all of the cleaning solutions out. After that, it should be ready for some delicious coffee.

Follow these steps mentioned above to keep your coffee maker in good shape and running for a long time.  It’s all pretty simple to do and only requires a few minutes of your time every week.

With these tips, you can ensure that your coffee maker lasts for many years without any issues when making delicious coffee at home.

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