4 After Holidays (and Winter) Cleaning Tips

The holiday season is finally over which can only mean one thing – it’s time for a big clean-up! It’s nice to have a new fresh start to the year, to start it with a clean slate as the saying goes.

So, take out your cleaning brushes, rags, and solutions. There’s no time to waste! If you’d like to find out some cleaning tips which will make the whole ordeal much easier, here’s a list made just for you!

4 After Holidays (and Winter) Cleaning Tips

1. Sort Out the Gifts

Christmas is a time of giving and some people like to expand this tradition to New Year’s Eve as well. Though receiving presents can be a lot of fun, especially unwrapping them, this tradition can leave you with heaps of clutter.

Apart from all the boxes and torn-up wrapping paper, you’re left with some gifts which you sadly can’t find the use for.

Our top tip is to separate those which you love from those which are unfortunately not to your taste. Put the ones you don’t like into one big box and if the gifts aren’t too personalized you can move them along to someone else.

Another tip – try to remember who got you the gift, you don’t want to give it back to the person who got you the gift in the first place! That would be very awkward!

2. Take Down the Decorations

You have to admit, you have to have kept Christmas decorations up until March, at least once in your life! This year it will be different if you stick to our advice.

Start from the hardest job which is taking down the Christmas tree. Before you take down any ornaments and tinsel, make sure to check whether you’ve unplugged the lights from the power jack if you’re not using battery-powered ones.

When you’re taking down the ornaments, check if there are ones that are damaged or broken and throw them away.

3. Wash all the Gifted Clothes

Most of us get a lot of new clothes during the holidays, mostly because it’s one of the most convenient gifts. Plus, right after Christmas, most of the stores start giving huge discounts so you have a nice excuse to treat yourself after a stressful winter season.

Now that you have multiple full shopping bags of new clothes, you have to wash them. One of the big mistakes people make is that they wear the items they’ve bought straight from the rack. So, you should try out the clothes and see if they fit.

If they do, cut out the tags and carefully check the care labels. You should put them into the washing machine and set the temperature accordingly.

You will probably be left with a couple of pieces that need to be dry cleaned.

Since it can be pretty harsh on the garments, there’s an alternative to dry cleaning called wet cleaning you can use!

4. Take Care of the Holiday Leftovers

One of the best parts of the holidays is hands-down the holiday food. However, you don’t want to eat leftovers for days on end and somehow have half of it go bad in your fridge.

Our top advice is to freeze as much food as you can. Roasted meat can last months in the freezer, as well as most cakes.

Foods such as mashed potatoes will go bad first, so make sure to be careful when taking them out of the fridge. Another holiday plus is all the candy you get during Christmas. Put all the candy in the pantry and don’t leave it around the house.

This way you’ll know where it is if you want it, but you’ll make sure you’re not mindlessly snacking on it throughout the day!

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