Top Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

Just get out of the notion that carpet cleaning is a simple step to vacuum the surface and then forget it for years. It involves multiple actions. And all of them are essential in their (own) ways!

Missing even one of these during the task leads to imperfect results. However, when you are hiring professional cleaners, they ensure that every step of carpet cleaning is followed without fail.

But, if you intend to go the DIY way, this post is just for you.

The Proper Step-by-Step Guide of Deep Cleaning Your Carpet! 

Top Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

Whether you take up the herculean task on your shoulders or delegate it to professionals, being in the knowhow is an absolute must. We are here to help you learn the tricks of the trade!

A Pre-Inspection of the Carpet

You need to check in detail the actual condition of the carpet. You should know about the areas having more dirt settled on them and even the grease formation.

When you have an idea about the severity of the dirt and grease, it gives you an idea about the detergent you will require for the task and even the efforts that go into it.

And even if you call professional carpet cleaners, they will come for a pre-inspection of the area to get an idea of the work and quote accordingly.

Furniture Moving

After inspecting the floor comprehensively, you need to move the furniture from its place. It is necessary so that you don’t leave any space unclean because the furniture was sitting on it.

And even while doing so, remember not to drag the movables.

Why? Simply because it can ruin the smooth surface of your carpet. You should instead lift and move it from one place to another.

Dry vacuuming

Dry vacuuming is an essential part of cleaning your carpet. It helps to get rid of the dust and dirt particles, making the deep cleaning process comparatively easier.


This process involves spraying a conditioner or a cleaning agent on the entire carpet. It aids to break down the settlement of debris and grease on the surface. And if you think that the carpet is too dirty, you can spray hot water along with the conditioner to dissolve the dirt easily. It is called steam cleaning.

Pre-spot Cleaning

This step involves pouring special cleaning shampoo or detergent on the areas with tough stains and spots. As you can understand, it is crucial to get rid of them without much scrubbing and cleaning.


This step is what professional cleaners follow to loosen the soil settled on the carpet or floor surface. It involves using a special brush on the soiled area to unsettle the dirt.

Soil Extraction and Cleaning

Now comes the time-consuming efforts! During this step, you have to extract the soil manually. After removing it from the surface, use floor scrubbers from Steamaster to clean and rinse the carpet properly. This brand is at your service seven days a week. They stock cleaning equipment, parts thereof, and cleansing agents to make your space safe, sanitized, and sparkling.


Every carpet that you clean needs neutralization with a proper pH-balanced solution. It is vital so that no sticky residue of soap or detergent stays behind on the surface.


Special conditioners are used to make the surface smooth again after that vigorous cleaning. You can use the conditioners to have a great fragrance so that your carpet smells good after the cleaning.

Drying the Carpet

You have to use machines having high-velocity air pressure to dry the carpet thoroughly. Be very careful while carrying out this step because if the carpet remains wet in any part, it will develop mold very soon. Well, this can destroy the entire surface.

Well, now you have a thorough idea about carpet cleaning. You can now inspect the entire surface properly and see if there are any spots left.

If yes, then you have to treat it individually. We recommend you carry out the step before the drying process so that it becomes easier to get rid of the stain and get the entire surface clean (and dry) at the same time.

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