How to Keep Your Child’s Hair Tangle Free

Children love to get up to all kinds of fun, which can result in their hair looking a little wild at the end of the day. We can all empathize with the daily struggle of trying to brush your child’s hair.

As many of us may know ourselves, ridding your hair of knots is a painful process. On your child, it can be particularly difficult!

But hair brushing and getting out matted tangles can be a gentle and simple process. With these useful tips, your little one won’t be running for the hills when they see you coming with a hairbrush in hand again!

Add a good hair brushing routine to your day along with our tips on how to make your morning routine stressless.

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How to Keep Your Child’s Hair Tangle Free

Invest in Good Detangling Products

Tackling tangles requires the right tools! Ensure you have the right products in your toolkit. Tangles and knots are often a result of the hair being dry.

In order to combat this, ensure you are using a good conditioner to nourish and smoothen the hair.

Leave conditioner to sit on the hair for a few minutes while your child plays in the bath and then rinse out well with cool water to lock in the moisture.

Another expert tip, ensure you brush your child’s hair before washing it. Hair is weak and vulnerable to breakage when it’s wet.

Washing knotty hair can make the knots even more stubborn and difficult to brush out afterward.

After washing the hair, use a detangling spray to loosen the tangles before brushing through your child’s hair. This is another great way to protect the hair and keep it intact!

The last tangle tool is a detangling hairbrush. These are specially designed hairbrushes with fine and flexible bristles which move through the hair easier than standard hairbrushes.

They are highly recommended to ease the pain your child may experience during hair brushing.

Section Hair Before Brushing

Depending on your child’s hair type, sectioning the hair is a great way to make the job a little easier. It is very difficult to work on the whole head at once.

Avoid brushing the hair directly from the top, as pulling down in this way can lock in tangles and make them trickier to work out of the hair.

In each section, start brushing softly from the bottom, before working your way up to the top.

Grip the hair above where you are brushing to avoid excessive tugging on the scalp.

Isolate tangles

For particularly difficult tangles, it’s a better idea to put the hairbrush down.

Use your fingers to isolate where the tangle is and spread the tangle out. Taking it to strand by strand and gently pulling the tangle apart will also prevent tugging and make brushing a dream afterward.

Hairstyles to Prevent Tangles

Lastly, to make hair brushing more harmonious, preventing knots and tangles from becoming so severe in the first place is a good step.

Tying up your child’s hair in a ponytail during the day will keep the hair away from matting. Schwarzkopf has an excellent guide on ponytails which is an essential read on how to master the hairstyle.

A loose braid is also a great option for when your child is going to sleep to prevent tangles during the night and make your morning routine a little more seamless!

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