16 Best Student Party Ideas

You do not need any particular reason to throw a party or give it a theme, for that matter. But, that said, if you can make it unique, your college party will go down in history as a memorable one.

So, if you have been scouring the internet for ideas, we have a few here that might give you some inspiration. 

16 Best Student Party Ideas

1. Meme Party 

Meme parties have been all the rage for a while. And given that there are new memes sprouting up every day, you will have no shortage of ideas. But you might want to spend some time finding the right choice that is trendy. 

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2. Dad Party 

The Dad party trend was huge on Tik Tok, and it wasn’t long before it became a popular theme for college parties.

In the gist, you dress up like dads you come across every day. And it means that the outfits are unique, which makes it even funnier.

But the standard costume that you can choose is one with a tucked-in polo shirt, a mustache, and sneakers. 

3. Pajama Party 

Too lazy to get dressed or choose the right outfit? Why not settle for pajamas?

Taking inspiration from slumber party themes, this one will fit right into a late-night get-together, especially if you have it in your dorm. 

4. Movie Party 

If you are not in the mood to dance, you can always invite people over to have a movie night. With the projectors available these days, you no longer have to glue yourself to a small screen.

Instead, clear a wall in your dorm or common room and have a big viewing party. Add some speakers, drinks, and snacks, and you have everything ready to kick off a cool and chilling party. 

5. Masquerade Party

If you have seen Gossip Girl, you would very well know the intrigue of a masquerade ball.

Ask your guests to don a mask and stay in character for the rest of the evening; it can add a touch of mystery and even give an elitist touch to your fathering. 

6. Holiday Party

There is most likely a holiday looming around in the corner.

It does not necessarily have to be a Christmas party, but if you are willing to, you can even get help from your friends to throw holiday parties representing other cultures. 

7. Apocalypse Party 

With the pandemic still hanging over our heads, there might not be a better time to get creative about the end of the world.

What is your take on it, and can you make a costume out of it? Be it a Zombie attack or tsunami, ask your guests to bring on an interesting theory with them as well. 

8. Decade-themed Party 

You all know what the drill is here. Choose a decade for your theme, from the decor to the costumes.

Be it the grandeur of the roaring 20s, wartime romantic of the 40s, or the swinging 60s, there is practically no limit to your creativity here. Every decade comes with its charm, and you will be able to pull off a great night regardless of which one you pick. 

9. Graffiti Party 

For a graffiti party to be a success, you might need to undertake some DIY projects to spruce up your room. It would be even better if you could do it with some glow paint, so you can instantly elevate the ambiance.

And what’s more, you can turn the entire prep into another small party with your friends. You can also add some neon paint and have a body painting contest while at it. 

10. Angels and Demons

Who do you most resonate with? Are you the angel that convinces someone to do the good, or the devil that is waiting for the right opportunity to pounce?

Ask your guests to bring their inner selves to the party. They can also pick their favorite version of hell vs. heaven and convince others to switch sides. 

11. Ugly Sweater Party 

We all have that one ugly sweater tucked away somewhere in the closet, and it might be time to make good use of it. Invite your guests over for this party on one condition: they have to wear the ugliest sweater they have hidden away.

While this is usually a party theme suited for the holidays, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of this idea on any winter day. 

12. Zoom Party 

Well, in 2022, it is nearly impossible to ignore the Zoom trend. After all, some of us just got too comfortable with staying in with ice cream and Netflix.

But maybe you can turn that night into a bit more fun. Do you not want to go out and mingle at all?

Have a Zoom party! Get your favorite drink and discuss the latest memes or share some hearty stories. And the best thing? You do not have to worry about getting back home when you are too drunk. All you need to do is shut your laptop. 

13. Anything but Humans Party 

As you can gather from the theme, this gives your guests the freedom to choose any outfit they want, as long as it is not a human.

You can dress up as food, animal, or any other non-living thing, and it is totally up to you!

14. Video Games Theme Party 

Video games are quite popular among college students, and so are the characters that we come across in them.

Whether you want to go as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Altair from Assassin’s Creed, you will easily find the costume. You can even go old-school with Mario here. 

15. All Things Western

Bring a bit of the cowboy charm to your party by having the theme of a country nightclub. You don’t even need a costume to shine at this one.

You can easily put together an outfit from the items you already have in your closet. If you are up for it, you can even find plenty of western theme-related decor on the internet. 

16. Shit Shirt Party 

Do you have that one shirt that seemed like a good idea at first but then turned out to be the worst? Well, this party theme gives you an idea to wear it and look your best at it.

The party is all about wearing the ugliest shirt, be it floral, stripes, plaid, pattern, or polka dots. And the chances are, this will be one of the cheap costumes that can easily come up with. 

So, there you have it, folks, a party theme for any and every occasion! Don’t forget to add your touch by customizing the food, drinks, or decor!

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