Simple Morning Routine For School That Will Save You Time

No one likes rushy mornings. Here is why I wrapped up a simple morning routine for school you can follow and start your day stressless.

When there are kids around everything can go upside down. I can bet you don’t want to start your day like this. If your kids are in high school or are already college students you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. But when you have toddlers, and pre-schoolers be ready for morning battles, and challenges.

Here is a useful quideline of morning routine for school you can follow to escape from the morning bedlam.

Start The Night Before

I still remember how my mother used to make me choose my clothes for school the night before. This is one of the best pieces of advice you can get. So, check the weather forecast and choose not only your kids’ clothes but yours as well. This will help you to choose the right outfits. Yes, there are school uniforms from kindergarten to college schools, but still make sure they are clean, and ready to be worn in the morning.

Besides the clothes, prepare together with your kids their backpacks, lunch boxes, and additional equipment if they will practice any sport or other activity after school. And something very important set a bedtime routine.

Steal Some Time For Yourself

If it’s possible try to steal a few minutes in the morning only for you. Wake up a little bit earlier so you will take a shower, or at least brush your teeth without a rush. Do your make-up, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Start your day with 15 minutes of meditation, or stretching. You will guarantee a fresh kick start of another busy day. Follow your own routine in order to plan the whole day accurately and have enough time for all your tasks.

Wake Up With Smile

Morning alarms could be the most stressful sound. So, make your wake-ups more pleasant, and boost. Choose a nice, gentle sound, or rhythmic sound you like. Do the same with the kid’s alarm clock. Make the mornings the most enjoyable part of your day serving delicious breakfast, and beverages.

Follow Morning Routine For School

The best you can do for yourself, and your kids, of course, is to make a morning routine that is simple and natural. Do not forget that toddlers get used to daily habits, so take advantage of them. It would be easier for them when your mornings are more predictable. You can use a cartoon timetable and hang it on your kid’s door.

Select a special place in your haway to place backpacks and school equipment. In this way, you will teach your kids where exactly to look before they leave your house. You can use baskets with colorful stickers, or blackboard signs for the different items, and gadgets.

Stick your step-by-step morning routine on the fridge. Use stickers, bright colors, and highlighters. Point to the exact time of wake-ups, breakfast, and leaving the house in order to start your day smoothly, and nicely.

Check Before You Go Out

No matter how optimal, and great a morning routine you have, it is possible to miss something once in a while. That’s why it is a good idea to double-check 5 minutes you go out if all is ready. Backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, umbrellas if the weather forecast shows possibilities of rain, and etc. Create a fun game, or sing a song together with your kids while you are checking if all is ready. This will save you a last-minute sprint from the car to your home to get something.

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