Louis Vuitton vs. Coach: The Ultimate Showdown in Luxury Handbags

The brands we wear shape our personal style.

It goes far beyond stylish silhouettes and trendy prints.

When we choose the clothes and accessories of a certain fashion house, we make a statement – about our taste, mindset, and even values.

All-American brand Coach and historic French designer brand Louis Vuitton may have very different histories, but there is some overlap in the items they sell.

We will go through some defining points like their history, price tags, and signature styles in this Louis Vuitton vs. Coach break down.

The Tale of Two Brands: History and Origins

When talking about high fashion it means more than just nice-looking goods.

Building a reputable brand takes time, effort, and hard work of skilled and talented people.

Louis Vuitton is a heritage brand that started as a humble workshop in France in 1854, run by a talented artisan, Louis Vuitton.

Initially producing trunks for wealthy Parisians, the company quickly expanded the range of goods due to incredible success and popularity.

Handbags, small leather goods, belts – the more people showed their interest in LV, the bigger it was growing.

By introducing his lightweight and waterproof canvas in 1858, the French manufacturer changed the fashion industry forever.

After World War II, in addition to canvas goods, the production of leather purses and wallets began. Staying true to the customs and traditions, LV gradually turned into a global trendsetter in the fashion industry.

The status of a high-class brand was proved in 1987 when it formed the LVMH conglomerate with two other leading manufacturers, Moët et Chandon and Hennessey.

As for Coach, as any luxury fashion house of modern times, it started as a family-run business in the US in 1941.

In the beginning, there were only six workers who made leather wallets and billfolds. By 1961, the assortment of goods was expanded and the sturdy women handbags appeared to be a success.

Seeing the positive response of the customers, the brand was adding more and more items to its range and opening new boutiques across the United States.

It gained fame in the mid-1960s by putting its products on the shelves of department stores across the US.

By November 1985, the company had about 50 shops and corners in large department stores. The first directly operated shop was opened in the heart of Manhattan in 1981. As of 2019, Coach has 986 stores worldwide, generating approximately $5 billion in sales.

Louis Vuitton vs Coach
Louis Vuitton vs Coach
Louis Vuitton vs Coach
Louis Vuitton vs Coach

Signature Styles: What Sets Them Apart

When you pick a brand, you associate with their ideas and mindset. The purses made by Louis Vuitton are more of an art of fashion.

They showcase elitism and exclusivity.

This ensures that every fashion item you purchase from the brand becomes an everlasting classic. They’re sure to elevate the social status of buyers automatically.

On the other hand, Coach is more associated with American nostalgia.

The brand embodies the essence of New York fashion, which is why the brand is famous amongst younger audiences of 20-45 years.

Despite having classic choices in its collections, the brand also has some exciting fashion items that could be viewed as a beacon for modern issues.

Louis Vuitton effectively preserves the tradition of French chic and elegance from the beginning of its history. Its goal is to protect its ideals and values in its changing world.

While Coach mixes the American tradition and the new normal. This allows the brand to effectively reach a wider audience while attracting people with various beliefs and ideologies.

louis vuitton vs coach 3
Crossgrain Leather Hobo Crossbody Bag
louis vuitton vs coach 4
Signature Jacquard Soho Shoulder Bag
louis vuitton vs coach 5
Canvas Cargo Tote
louis vuitton vs coach 6
Lana 23 Leather Shoulder Bag
louis vuitton vs coach 7
Willow Pebble Leather Shoulder Bag
louis vuitton vs coach 8
Popcorn Straw Shoulder Bag
louis vuitton vs coach 9

Mahina Bella bucket bag

louis vuitton vs coach 10

2004 pre-owned Pochette Accessoires bag

louis vuitton vs coach 11

2015 Tadao PM tote bag

louis vuitton vs coach 12

2019 Riverside tote bag

louis vuitton vs coach 13

2004 Trouville tote bag


Price Tag Talk: Affordability vs. Exclusivity

Both brands’ handbags are pretty different from each other, and this is reflected in the pricing.

Louis Vuitton is an expensive luxury brand, and you can find their handbags ranging from $1000 to $6000.

The price range tends to increase based on the unique materials used and the personalization of the handbag.

Coach bags can’t be considered a luxury because of how affordable they are.

They can, however, be regarded as affordable luxury because their price range is below a thousand dollars.

This means that although both brands are considered luxury brands. They have entirely different luxury markets. Their consumers have different budgets.

Coach bags are more appealing to a younger generation, and Louis Vuitton bags are more of a status symbol and are purchased by those with higher budgets.

Quality and Craftsmanship: The Building Blocks of Luxury

Louis Vuitton produces its bags exclusively in Spain, Italy, the United States, and France.

This ensures that you can count on a high-quality finish and an entirely luxurious bag at the end, and this is reflected in the high price tag attached to most of the LV bags.

Coach bags are made in China by factory workers trained by the company’s Italian leather team. As a result, the handbags are of good quality but do not offer you the same level of craftsmanship and detailing that you can easily spot in Louis Vuitton bags.

Both brands use leather in creating most of their handbags. But where it differs is the quality.

Louis Vuitton bags are usually made from cowhide leather. This could be taurillon leather, epi leather, or even leather Vermis.

Also, their leather choices generally feature the Louis Vuitton monogram embossed. This could be a salient reason for the high price tags attached to LV bags.

Coach bags though feature smoother leather. The brand uses natural leather, pebbled leather, and Nappa leather.

Coach isn’t very explicit in the type of leather they use for most of their production. This contrasts with Louis Vuitton, which highlights its use of cowhide leather.

Also, Louis Vuitton has bags made in a Damier Ebene canvas. Such bags are just as luxurious but have a lower price tag than bags made with cowhide leather.

You can find Coach bags in cotton, suede, canvas, and nylon. This ensures that users have different prices, textures, and finish selections.

Investment Value: Which Bags Hold Their Worth?

As I previously mentioned, both brands hold their own quality when it comes to their worth.

I think if you’re willing to invest a lot in something big that’ll last you a long time, then go for a timeless Louis Vuitton bag,

If you want a more everyday bag, that is more on the affordable side, but still pricey, then you should get a Coach bag.

Versatility and Functionality: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Everyone in the world knows about iconic LV purses for women. The fashion house cares about its reputation and produces a limited amount of accessories that are only growing in price each year.

Of course they offer a lot more than just bags, from wallets, shoes, swimwear, and even furniture.

Since the beginning of its history, Coach has been majoring in the production of quality leather bags. Nowadays, the selection of accessories for both men and women on the website is unique and versatile.

Also offering more than just bags, like shoes, jewelry, wallets, clothes, and watches.

Public Perception: The Brand Image and What It Means to Consumers

Each brand holds a big place when it comes to the public eye, and endorsing through celebrities.

Of course you can spot almost all your favorite celebrities in Louis Vuitton, from bags, shoes, to clothes and accessories.

Coach grew even larger the past few years between celebrities and the public eye, as the brand is now making more celebrity campaigns seeing them all over your social media platforms.

Conclusion: The Final Verdict – Louis Vuitton vs. Coach

Coach and Louis Vuitton have some amazing leather goods and luxury fashion items to offer the public.

There’s something for everyone in the brands’ collections.

However, we’ve identified some crucial differences between both brands in this detailed Louis Vuitton vs. Coach comparison.

These differences would help you determine which is a better option for you.

Louis Vuitton bags are usually of a higher quality and therefore come with a higher price tag.

While Coach bags are more affordable.

Although the material is luxurious, it doesn’t offer the same quality as Louis Vuitton.

Also, Louis Vuitton bags are timeless, while Coach bags are more affordable and follow global trends. Since both brands offer stylish and top-quality fashion items, the best brand for you comes down to your budget and personal style.

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