Guide For Mother Of The Bride To Look Stunning

So, your daughter is getting married to the man of her dreams. Congratulations!

A daughter’s wedding is a joyous occasion for the family, especially for mothers. It’s also the time when a mother wants to look her best. After all, she is the second most special person at a wedding after the bride.

As a mother of the bride, you play an important role throughout the occasion. From greeting guests to clicking pictures with them, you stay in the sheer limelight. That said, you should make your presence most striking.

Whether it’s about shopping for the mother of the bride dresses or deciding on the matching accessories, you must focus on every detail to ensure everything goes perfect. Here, we have sorted out the checklist to look most STUNNING for your daughter’s big day.

Guide For Mother Of The Bride To Look Stunning

1. A Dress To Impress

When it comes to weddings, the dress is one of the essential elements. As a mother of the bride, you should choose a dress that vibes your personality and makes you feel beautiful.

Consider these few tips for picking the perfect mother of the bride dress in 2022.

Dress For Your Body Shape

The key to creating a flattering statement is to dress for your body shape. Look for an outfit that accentuates your best features and camouflages your flaws.

For example, if you have an hourglass shape (lucky, you!), choose form-fitting styles, such as a sheath, mermaid, or trumpet, as they will emphasize your defined waist. On the other hand, if you are plus size or curvy, dresses that cinch to your waist and fall gradually to the hem are a great choice. A-line and fit & flare mother-of-the-bride gowns are perfect examples.

Stay Within Your Budget

A wedding is already an expensive affair. So, it makes clear sense not to spend a fortune on your dress.

Setting a prior budget will help you narrow down your options when shopping for a MOB dress. You can also shop from the inventory clearance sale section to save big bucks.

Go For Colors That Complement Wedding Theme

While you must match your dress with your skin tone and complexion, you shouldn’t forget the wedding theme at the same time.

If it’s a summer wedding with an aesthetic rose theme, rejoice in a pastel mother-of-the-bride gown to maintain subtlety. Whereas a bold, sparkling dress would do wonders if it’s a fall or winter wedding with a glamorous theme.

We highly suggest you steer clear of white color. It’s a bride’s color, and you would not like to steal her thunder. However, if the wedding theme calls for a white dress, you can choose the *one* with prints or patterns that don’t seem bridal.

Purchase At least A Month Before

It’s your daughter’s wedding; you’d be obviously busy with plenty of preparations. To avoid making “dress shopping” a burden on you, purchase the *one* online or in-store at least a month before the wedding.

This will ensure enough time for you to get your dress tailored truly to your size. Bonus? You can calmly help your daughter with her last-minute bits.

Consult The Bride

Your daughter may have certain plans for you. Perhaps she wants you to color-coordinate with the mother of the groom or has decided on a particular style for you. Make sure you listen to her and abide by the rules. It’s her special day, after all.

2. Accessories For Extra Appeal

While a dress plays a big role, your look is incomplete without accessories.

When dolling up for your daughter’s wedding, make sure your accessories align with the wedding theme and your outfit.

If you’re wearing a designer mother-of-the-bride dress with a lot of details, consider simple accessories. Remember, less is more when you have to create a perfectly balanced statement.

On the other hand, if your MOB dress is a simple, monotone pattern, add a pop of color using statement accessories. This will give you a standout look, just like you might have desired.

3. The Right Shoes Matter!

Shoes can make or break your look, so it is important to choose them carefully.

Platform heels and wedges are a great choice for a mother of the bride. They are not only stylish but also comfortable enough for you to enjoy the occasion with a full heart.

However, if you are at all into heels, you can also pick a perfect pair of flats. But make sure, they are dressy enough to go with your elegant mother-of-the-bride dress.

4. Let Your Hair And Makeup Speak For You!

You need to make the right choice about your hair and makeup in order to stand out.

As a mother of the bride, you will look pretty graceful in a half-tie hairstyle. Use statement hair accessories, such as floral or ribbon pins, to appear more trendy. You can also go for an updo bun, especially if your dress has a stylish back to flaunt.

Speaking of makeup, consider a natural look with a dash of drama. An ideal example would be a neutral lip complemented with shimmery eyeshadow. A rule of thumb is to use products that suit your skin type and enhance your facial features.

5. A Touch Of Confidence

The final yet most crucial tip for looking exquisite on your princess’s big day is to be confident about yourself. This will reflect in your posture and the pictures you will capture.

Remember, you’re the mother of the bride, the most important part of the wedding. So, stand stall, smile, and celebrate this most awaited occasion with pomp.

Final Words

A daughter’s wedding is the biggest occasion for a mother. While it is full of responsibilities and tasks, it’s also the day when you can have the time of your life. So, remember to relax, enjoy, and have fun with family and friends. At the same time, get everything set for your stunning mother-of-the-bride look.

From a classy mother-of-the-bride dress to accessories, shoes, hair, and makeup, make arrangements for everything in advance. You’re sure to look fabulous for the big day

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