13 Sensual Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

When you think of decadent and extravagant parties, a few different themes might come to mind – including Moulin Rouge.

The Moulin Rouge was founded in 1889, immediately becoming the birthplace of the French cancan – amongst other incredible dances and entertainment.

It’s unsurprising why so many people opt for a Moulin Rouge theme party in this day and age!

But how can you throw a rockin’ Moulin Rouge theme party that showcases all of the elements of the original, from the extravagant costumes to the opulent decor and performances?

It’s not *too* difficult – especially when you have us on your side.

Below, you will discover 13 different Moulin Rouge theme party ideas that are *sure* to rock the socks off you and your guests.

It will feel like a flashback to the Boulevard de Clichy at Place Blanche in Paris in 1889.

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13 Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

Are you looking for some Moulin Rouge theme party inspiration?

Here are 13 Moulin Rouge theme party ideas that are guaranteed to wow *any* crowd.

1. Roses and Feathers

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

2. Velvet Chocker

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

3. Moulin Rouge Party Decor

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

4. Seductive Lipstick and Lace

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

5. Velvet Dress with Feathers

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

6. Bob Hairstyle and Smokey Eyes

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

7. Pearls and Glam

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

8. Champagne and Strawberries

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

9. Satin and Feathers

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

10. Champagne Glass Centerpieces

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

11. Moulin Rouge Party Cupcakes

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

12. Champagne Tower

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

13. Red Velvet Popcakes

Moulin Rouge Theme Party Ideas

Decoding the Moulin Rouge Style

If you’re planning to throw a Moulin Rouge theme party, you *need* to have the style down.

After all, appearance is one of the key indicators of the Moulin Rouge.

Here are a few of the elements for a Moulin Rouge theme party:

  • Corsets – One of the most iconic garments of Moulin Rouge fashion is, without a doubt, the corset! They’re the perfect way to achieve a sultry, hourglass shape that will have *all* eyes on you.
  • Feathers – Feathers from head to toe? You bet. You can add colorful feathers just about *anywhere,* but don’t forget to toss them into your headpieces for a standout style.
  • Sequins – Let’s face it – the Moulin Rouge performers absolutely *loved* sequins! You can easily add this sparkly embellishment to your wardrobe. Toss them everywhere and enjoy!
  • High Slits – The Moulin Rouge is known for its fantastic dances, and for that, you’ll need a skirt or dress with a high slit. This not only allows for better movement, but it’s downright sexy, y’all!

Regardless of what you wear to the Moulin Rouge theme party, getting the colors right is essential.

Some favored colors include red, gold, jewel tones (ruby and emerald), and black and white. 

For those seeking delightful patterns to adorn in their garments and accessories, you can’t go wrong with stripes, polka dots, or florals.

Moulin Rouge Attire for Women and Men

Nailing the “look” is *critical* to success.

And the great thing about a Moulin Rouge theme part is that it’s *tons* of fun.

Seriously, the attire for women and men is super thrilling and whimsical.

Women should stick to wearing the *most* extravagant gowns they can find – just don’t forget your corset underneath your dress.

Remember – you want to show off your figure and curves in all the right places.

Gussy up your gown a bit more by adding a feathered headpiece, lace gloves, and high-heeled boots.

For some added drama, you can also wear statement jewelry pieces like necklaces or earrings and don’t forget your masquerade mask, feather boa, and fan. 

The goal for men is to appear as sophisticated as possible.

This means they *should* wear tailored tailcoats with a vest and a pair of trousers. Finish the style with a bow tie, top hat, and walking cane.

Hairstyle and Makeup Tips

Now that your attire is picked out, it’s time to assemble the look.

You have a few different glamorous hairstyles to choose from, including:

  • Lavish Curls – Moulin Rouge women *loved* curly locks. That said, you can’t go wrong with adding some loose, bouncy curls to your tresses. 
  • Updos – Updos are also quite popular! Think classy chignons and buns that keep your hair in place even when dancing the night away. If you want more drama and volume, opt for a retro bouffant.
  • Braids – Braids can also be worn to a Moulin Rouge theme party. However, it’s essential to remember that braids should be extravagant. Don’t settle for the simple three-strand braid; go with a more intricate design, like a waterfall braid.

When it comes to your makeup, the *bolder* the *better.*

We’re talking succulent bright red lips, smokey eyeshadow around the eyes with dark colors like black and charcoal, and glitzy winged eyeliner.

Ensure your eyebrows are on point, and add a little highlighter to your face to emphasize your bone structure.

Setting the Scene: Moulin Rouge Party Decor

Dressing the part isn’t enough – you must decorate your space to match the Moulin Rouge theme party.

While there are *plenty* of inspiration photos out there (including 13 awesome ones above!), here are some of the *staple* items you should add to your Moulin Rouge theme party:

  • The right colors, including red, black, white, and jewel tones
  • Dim lighting, such as that created by glorious chandeliers, string lights, and candles
  • Posters and artwork depicting the Moulin Rouge era, such as can-can dancers
  • Feathers *everywhere,* such as on a table centerpiece
  • Centerpieces featuring sultry red roses
  • Props that people can wear to enhance the theme, like masks and top hats
  • Moulin Rouge era music!

Moulin Rouge-Inspired Photography Tips

You’re *definitely* going to want to snap some photos to remember your awesome Moulin Rouge theme party!

But even the photos you take should be focused on the Moulin Rouge theme. Here’s how:

  • Choose retro poses
  • Use lighting to create more drama and shadowing
  • Have a backdrop with bold colors from the Moulin Rouge era
  • Ensure there are plenty of vintage props for guests to play around with for the pictures
  • Consider utilizing vintage filters
  • Candid photos are always a great choice – especially for larger group shots
  • Use aperture priority on your camera settings for added depth


Creating a Moulin Rouge theme party can be one of the *best* experiences of your life!

Really, it comes down to dressing up in the Moulin Rouge fashion and putting all of the final touches on your event space to bring this well-loved era back to life.

Do that, and you will throw a party that won’t soon be forgotten!

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