Top 5 Movies About University Students

Want to take a look at the life and adventures of students, but don’t know where to start? Movies about dorms and students can be completely different genres: from melodrama and comedy to thriller and horror.

Some of them are world-famous, while others have gone undeservedly unnoticed. In our selection of films about students and modern youth, you’ll find both popular and not-so-popular pictures of completely different genres.

By the way, if I had a lot of homework, I always used to do my essay first, and only after that did I start watching movies. But it’s also very important to chill. So without any words, let’s get started.

Top 5 Movies About University Students

1. Legally Blonde

“Blondie” rightfully tops the list of movies about students. Elle Woods, a student, has a happy life as a young girl. She is beautiful, popular at the university, she has many admirers.

However, her young man decides that she is too frivolous to commit to her life. He leaves her, explaining in the end that he is looking for a serious and intelligent girl.

Elle does not give up and enrolls in Harvard to study law while maintaining her easygoing nature and glamorous hobbies

2. Mona Lisa’s Smile

The plot unfolds in the United States in 1953. In college, there is a new young teacher who immediately struck the students with her revolutionary views on equality.

The students are delighted with the new mentor, but the leadership is not to their liking. But the film is not only about the influence of teachers on young minds – in the life of the main character unfolds a real drama.

3. Gossip

“Gossip” is a movie about two students and their girlfriend who are into journalism and decide to make an experiment: after a student party, they start a rumor about one of their classmates to check how fast it will spread.

However, in time they realize that they have gone too far: the heroine of the gossip turns to the police, her second participant is arrested, and the student journalists no longer know how to stop it all.

4. Dead Poets Society

This movie suits both those who like to watch movies about universities and fans of complex dramatic plots. Students at the best academy in the United States meet a new instructor who inspires them to do drastic things and change their lives.

The students reestablish a literary club, begin to make art, and fulfill their dreams. However, academic problems and conflicts with parents and professors force the students to abandon the life they have finally begun to manage themselves.

5. Party King

Rounding out our selection is a lighthearted comedy about “forever” student Van Wilder, who has been unable to graduate from college for six years – he is too content with the carefree life of a student.

Socializing with fellow students and participating in student festivities he enjoys far more than the prospect of a future job. But his father is not going to pay his tuition fees anymore, and the hero faces a choice: either find a job so he can keep on partying in college, or finally finish his studies.

The film is starring Ryan Reynolds, and the plot is based on notes about the famous stand-up comedian Burt Crusher.

If you like horror, thrillers, and black comedies (and there are a lot of such student movies), watch “The Faculty” (not to be confused with the series of the same name – however, also very worthy) and “Homicide Vacation” – the recognized classic of student comedy horrors.

After the youth movies about students, you do not want to go straight to a serious movie. However, there are so many movies about life at university or college that enough for another year of daily screenings.

Do not forget about the TV series and cartoons: “Ellen and the Guys”, “University”, “Daria” and others.

Well, after them, you can turn to the fantasy genre with their vampire academies and the best school of witchcraft and sorcery in the world. All in all, watch and watch.

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