9 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants You Can Grow Together With Your Furry Friend

If you are a pet parent or planning to be and sometimes love to grow plants in your home, this article is just for you! Here are 9 pet-friendly plants you can grow together without any risk for your furry friend!

Indoor plants charge our home with oxygen, please the eyes and make our home cozier.

But we can’t live without our pets, who fill our lives with joy and love!

That is why we have selected pet-friendly plants, and flowers that are completely safe, in case we take care of a dog or a kitten at home, which sometimes likes to eat our green plants.

The bad thing is that not all green friends are safe for the cats and dogs that live in our home. Some of them can even be toxic if swallowed and cause various diseases.

There are several symptoms by which you can know that the animal has swallowed part of the dangerous plant. If you notice that your pet is vomiting, having difficulty swallowing, increased salivation, tremors or diarrhea. It most likely swallowed part of a dangerous plant.

If you suspect that your pet has tried a poisonous houseplant, immediately give it fresh milk and seek a veterinary office to clarify the case. If it turns out to be poisoning, gastric lavage may be necessary.

Some of the most common poisonous indoor flowers are dieffenbachia, decorative pepper, aechmea, chamomile, kalanchoe, poinsettias, azalea, aloe vera, adenium, anthurium, borvallia, dahlia, lily of the valley, monstera, oleander, spathiphyllum, ficus, philodendron, cyclamen, yucca.

pet-friendly plants

9 Pet-Friendly Plants

1. Succulents

Succulents are not whimsical plants and give a very fresh and modern mood to the home.

They love the light, as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight, and as for watering – they can last a long time, but that does not mean leaving them without water. 

If you’re patient enough, after a while, the succulents bloom into beautiful colors that brighten up the space.

2. Hoya carnosa

With their distinctive glossy green leaves and wonderfully fragrant blooms, wax plants are able to tolerate very dry conditions, making them ideal for indoor cultivation.

Their star blossoms grow in colorful waxy clusters that range from pink to white in color. And since they produce sweet-smelling nectar, you can rest easy knowing these plants are non-toxic.

3. Chlorophytum Comosum

With its graceful grassy leaves, the green lily can grow in a wide range of conditions and is an extremely unassuming plant.

It is known to process and purify the air, enriching it with oxygen. It is safe for pets but still keeps it aside as it seems like an interesting toy for them.

4. Orchid

There are few plants that so elegantly and beautifully rise into the air like Orchids. With proper care, they can bring an atmosphere to your home for a long time.

The exquisite flower is not only suitable for a home with pets but also a wonderful symbol of the presence of Feng Shui in one’s home.

5. Nephrolepis Exaltata

Popular for their brilliant green leaves, ferns add charm to any room. These plants are best grown in a cool, high-humidity location with indirect light.

Not only are they one of the easiest types of ferns to grow, but they’re also pet-safe.

6. Venus Flytrap

The fly swatter is not only pet-friendly but also super self-sustaining. Leave it on the porch and it will feed itself, needing 1-2 insects a month to live well. Again, it is important not to forget water!

7. Saintpaulia

With their mossy green leaves, African pansies are stunning year-round flowers that bloom in a range of different colors – purple, blue, pink, red, and white – depending on the variety.

Both plants and flowers are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

8. Hibiscus Syriacus

Add a tropical hue to your home with the hibiscus plant. These shrubs thrive in direct light, heat, and moisture and reach up to 5 meters tall.

Their beautiful flowers can be white, pink, red, or blue. Hibiscus is safe for your pet.

9. Herbs

Basil, rosemary, and thyme are wonderful and fragrant plants that you can safely keep at home without worrying that they might harm your pet. 

They like direct light, so you can leave them on the windowsill for the whole day. And the even better news is that when you’re cooking, you’ll always have fresh spices on hand.

Final Words

Plants, when well cared for, not only bring atmosphere and freshness to the room but also help purify the air. Now you have a great choice of nine completely animal-safe options, so you just have to decide which one fits your space best.

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