9 Sexy Skeleton Halloween Costume Ideas

October is around the corner and you need to think about your Halloween costume. It’s the time of year when you can let your creativity rule and when it comes to costumes – shine up to the occasion.

Scary is always the leading motive but why not add a dash of sensuality to the mix? Skeleton costumes possess the potential of allure with their bare-to-the-bone striking imagery. Combine spooky with sexy for an unmatched appearance.

What better canvas for a sexy Halloween costume than that? Look at our nine irresistible sexy skeleton Halloween costume ideas for inspiration. You are bound to steal the show. Get your candy bag because it’s time for a trick or treat.

emerald skeleton booty shorts set side view

1. Classic Skeleton

Skeleton goes with anything: costumes, dresses, pants, leggings, tops, shorts. So just opt for the type of clothing you feel comfortable with. The classic black and white ensemble of a skeleton costume can surprisingly be quite sexy if you apply it to a mini dress or a skin-tight bodysuit.

If you pair them with thigh-high stockings or leather boots, you will deal the cards on Halloween night.

Garnish your body-licious with matching makeup. Those smoky eyes or full face paint will add extra sexy to your look. Whatever you wear, make sure it gives away your inner confidence and allure. Because tonight you are to be the queen of the dark.

2. Skeleton Bodysuit 

Full-body skeleton-printed bodysuits are at the top of the game when it comes to combining skeleton with sexy. They fit as a second skin revealing your seductive curves while at the same time concealing them.

Experiment with color, and hypnotize with a neon glow. Shine bright with golden allure and twist some necks on Halloween night.

3. Glamorous Skeleton

What is more glamorous than a macabre yet classy emerald skeleton print outfit? You don’t need any sequins or rhinestones to channel your out-of-this-world goddess.

This poisonous twist on the classic skeleton look can be achieved with cut-out suits or sets. Complete the look with a dramatic smokey eye and dark lipstick.

rattling bones skater dress side view

4. Purple Skeleton

Sugar and spooky, purple skeleton costumes are sure to get you the attention you desire. They are provocative yet cute and make a bold statement. If you are looking for a Barbie skeleton look, you can go with this one!

Play with accessories to achieve the desired shocking pleasure of a look. Be bright with that lipstick because you are going to attract more than light bugs. When night comes you are going to shine.

5. Day of the Dead 

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican tradition, which honors the dead and their memory. Closely related to the cultural impact of Halloween, the Day of the Dead is a great inspiration for a Halloween costume.

A colourful set or a cut-out bodysuit, combined with a floral headpiece and heavy make-up will give you the Mexican Day of the Dead look.

6. Skeleton Catsuit 

The Catwoman has turned into somewhat of a tradition for sexy and spooky women’s costumes. Not a bad idea for a daring look!

A skeleton catsuit is sleek and hot, leaving little room for imagination. You can also consider changing the concept by wearing shortalls with a bad kitty print. Add a leather jacket and knee-high boots for a touch of edginess.

7. Skeleton Bride

Every girl has at least once dreamt of wearing a dark and dangerous bridal outfit. Why don’t you give it a go for your Halloween costume? You can add a fluffy patch skirt to your full-body skeleton suit and garnish it with a black veil.

The bouquet of dried flowers will surely spell eerie. Apply that make-up strong and heavy, for these smoky eyes are the fatal bride look.

8. Skeleton and Robots

Skeleton-themed costumes may be varied with an extraterrestrial print or a mechanical armour allusion to explore the possibilities even further. Imagine a daring long-sleeved dress which makes you the ultimate female dominator. 

You are bound to get some jealous looks in your trick-or-treat bag.

9. Matching Skeleton Costumes 

You are going to that Halloween party with your friend or partner, why not pick matching costumes? The skeleton theme is super rich in costume inspiration so you can easily find matching attires to rock together.

Don’t forget that accessories such as gloves or stockings can liven up any spooky combination.

Sexy Skeleton Halloween

This Halloween is the perfect time to mix eerie with enticing, going full force for the skeleton-themed costume. No matter what you choose – classical, animal, gothic, robot or anything else for your sexy skeleton inspiration, don’t leash your inner seductress.

Your costume goes with your confidence and we are sure that with our nine sexy Halloween costume ideas, you will be the one attracting all the eyes. Enjoy this great festival in style.

Julie Higgins
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