Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Say you suspect that something may be wrong with your plumbing, but you have no idea what the problem may be.

So what do you do? Do you proceed to inform yourself about possible issues, do you immediately just call a plumber, or do you ignore the potential problem and hope it just goes away on its own?

That is probably a pretty bad idea, but you are in luck, because we are going to give you a bit of a foundation to work on, so that you can tell when you might have a problem and proceed from there. 

Drain Cleaning Services

Slow Sink Drain

One of the most obvious indicators that anything is wrong is if your sink takes an eternity to drain after a shower or bath, if it overflows when you only want to brush your teeth or wash your hands, or if soap bubbles build up around the stopper and leave a film that’s a nightmare to clean. This is a sure sign that you may need to call a professional drain cleaning near you and get your clogged drain nice and clean again.

You should especially call in a professional if you notice multiple sinks draining slowly, which implies the blockage is somewhere in the sewer line and more difficult to reach. This can be years of buildup over time, so it is high time to get it looked at.

Sewage Smell

It is expected that when you enter your home, you will be greeted by a pleasant aroma that is fresh and clean; however, if the scent is instead overpowered by sewage odors, there is probably an issue somewhere; therefore, you should work as quickly as you can to identify the source of the odor and find a solution to the problem.

If it’s coming from the sink, turning on the water for a few minutes could be enough to fix the problem; but if the odor persists after that, you might have a pipe that’s been detached.

So, it is important to bring in the experts before things go any farther out of hand before they can be controlled.

High Water Bills

While it’s unfortunate but inevitable that water bills will go up and down, it’s still important to keep an eye out for any sudden, significant changes.

If you can’t discover the leaks yourself, again, contact a plumber; a plumbing leak may be just as damaging as a clog, and they aren’t exactly simple to detect.

They can be buried under the ground or concealed behind the walls.

Gurgling Sounds

If you notice weird gurgling sounds coming from a toilet or drain, it might be a call to action. It does not always mean there has to be a problem, but if you also notice things like air bubbles in your toilet, the noise might be a symptom that there is an issue with air in your drain, so get it looked at. 

You can deal with some problems around the house yourself, but if you notice the things we have pointed out, it is usually best to just take the plunge and call in people who know what they are doing and have the right tools for the job. 

Julie Higgins
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