Student Wedding – Fun And Economical 

With no doubt, love is a beautiful thing that has already made so many people happy. And even if it may seem like it comes at no cost at all, it does to a certain extent. This is especially true when it is time to propose and start preparing for a ceremony.

Planning a wedding has never been easy. And it is even harder if you are a student living on a stringent budget. It is estimated that an average wedding costs up to $20,000 that is often beyond the purse of an average college student who can only just pay for a paper writing service. Although every wedding comes with heavy costs, there are still some effective ways to reduce them so that every student can have a fun, yet economical wedding. Below, there are a few tips for cutting your wedding costs:

Plan Your Budget In Advance

Before planning your big day, take your time to set up your budget. When you know exactly how much money you possess, you will be able to make better decisions.

You will know for sure what you can afford to buy and what you cannot. This is how you can make the most of your money without the need to drift into debt.

Don’t Invite Too Many Guests

It is understood that you want to share your memorable moments with as many guests as possible; however, when you do it on a shoestring, it makes sense to make it simple, yet more intimidating.

Keep in mind that every guest is associated with additional costs. You are not obligated to invite every Dick and Jane. Make sure that your guest list consists of your family and close friends only. Believe in our bear word, you don’t need many guests to make your day fun and memorable.

Share Responsibilities

You can ask your love, relatives, and close friends to participate in the wedding planning process. The more people will help you, the fewer professionals you will need. Friends who can do most of the planning can save you much in the long run.

Resist The Temptation

If you hire a wedding planner, he or she will likely make lots of suggestions that, however, may cost pretty much. Since you cannot go crazy, it makes sense to be picky about every suggestion; otherwise, you will spend much more than expected. Before you agree to any suggestion, make sure that you really need one or another service or product.

Hold Your Ceremony On A Weekday

Take note that there are days and hours when service prices reach their highest levels. When it comes to weddings, it is much cheaper to hold a wedding ceremony on a weekday, during daylight hours.

This is mainly because the demand for catering services is much higher for weekend ceremonies. However, if it must be on Saturday or Sunday, then you should better look for a family-owned restaurant with relatively cheap prices. You can also save a lot if you have a nice house. Use the latter as your wedding spot and ask your relatives to prepare treats by themselves.

Don’t Neglect To Ask Your University Friends A Favor

As you have already guessed, much of the wedding cost usually comes from photography and music services. Thereby, it makes sense to ask your talented friends to provide their services eitherin lieu of wedding gifts or at a very low price instead of hiring professional photographers and musicians who will make you pay through the nose.

While saving your friends trouble of buying expensive gifts, such an arrangement will make your ceremony even more fun and unforgettable for all.

Take Advantage Of Your Contacts

No matter how talented your university friends are, none of them probably is Jack-of-all-trades. Therefore, even if your friends can play and take pictures for you, you still will need someone who will decorate your wedding spot with flowers and serve refreshments.

Before you hire anybody, look around first to check if you know someone whose friends own businesses. If you are somehow related to the owners, you have more chances to get a discount. 

Look For Homemade Invitations Ideas

 You don’t have to lash out on things like invitations. On the Internet, there are a huge number of ideas on how to make inexpensive wedding invitations that are no worse than bought ones. If you have pretty stationery and possess excellent handwriting, take an opportunity to make your own simple but elegant invites within budget. If there is time pressure, don’t neglect to seek help from your family members, especially those who show a flair for the craft.

Rent Your Outfits Or Look For Discounts

It is generally believed that the bigger the price tag, the higher the quality. However, most people are so wrong, as this is far not always true. You have all the chances to get a good gown or suit at a discounted price.

However, be ready that you will have to spend some time to find a perfect fit, but it’s worth it. If you don’t feel like buying your wedding outfit, then you can consider options that are available for rent.

Choose From Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

 While an increasing number of newly-married couples tend to travel to exotic spots that, however, cost pretty much, it makes sense to choose from domestic destinations, especially when you are on a budget. Most likely, there are many places to visit with your soul-mate to have an unforgettable experience without the need to pay excessively.

When you decide to get engaged in college, you should understand that your decision is very likely to lead to an early wedding. But still, no matter how low your budget is, there is no need to put your engagement on a back burner, as there are many ways to have a joyful, yet economical wedding that will fit any student budget.

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