How To Organize Dry Wedding

There are plenty of reasons why many couples prefer to have a dry wedding. Some choose it because of religious and cultural restrictions. While others have personal reasons. Of course, alcoholic beverages can raise the spirit of your guests, but having a dry wedding could be as much entertaining as others.

It is all about organization, and creativity. Here are some wonderful dry wedding ideas to organize your special day uniquely, and unforgettably. Plus, I am sure you have enough friends and relatives with a great sense of humor that can make everyone party hard.

Focus on your own hobbies, and interests, and involve your guests in different activities, and entertains. Do not forget about the little guests, and think about how to make your wedding more kids-friendly. Be inspired by their natural emotions and skills to entertain themselves and enjoy the very special moment with the one you love!

Consider The Time Of The Wedding

Choosing a good timing for your dry wedding is an essential part of the whole organization. Prepare your guests for your dry wedding as you add a note into personalized wedding invitations. Mornings or early noons are the most preferable parts of the day if you want to skip the alcoholic beverages.

Plus many of your guests will look for coffee and tea at this time. It is a wonderful idea to make a coffee bar where they can enjoy coffee drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes.

Focus on mocktails, and other creative non-alcoholic drinks. There are tons of ideas for virgin margaritas, sangrias, and punches. Think about how to serve them in funny, and smart ways.

Be Creative With Entertains

I know sometimes is hard to break the ice, especially when you are placed next to strangers, and starting a conversation seems like a hard school test. Here is why you should think about how to encourage conversation on tables. Add some funny cards consisting of silly trivia questions about the bride, and the groom for example.

Organize different themed activities according to the season. You can get inspiration from kids-themed birthday parties- there are so many activities you can steal. It is your big day, so you can make it unforgettable with a donut-eating race, or a hay-lined bowling alley.

Make your guests, and of course, yourself laugh. You can organize a short stand-up comedy. Do not forget to dance! Hire a good MC or a Dj that will make everyone dance till the dawn.

Focus On Food

Let’s face it- food has a leading role in any celebration and party. Make sure you offer not only a portion of tasty food but make it in an extraordinary way. When there is no alcohol bar and drinks, you can make different food stations. A crepe bar, waffles bar, an ice-cream station- you name it. Appetizers in the variation of tastes are mandatory. Choose fresh veggies, and fruits according to the season of your wedding. Serve enough cupcakes, mini sandwiches, and bites that can match your coffee, and non-alcoholic drinks.

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